Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red Devil teaser


The adrenaline is pumping through my veins after the confrontation with Black and with the prospect of the game ahead. I don’t know if there is any better feeling in the God damn world then this.Once the all the crap and handshakes are done and whistle is blown I am someone else. I am focussed. I’m a God damn animal and I want my ball. Black is a fucking defender and a fucking left back at that. This means he is lining right up against me as I’m playing on the right wing today and linking up with Rooney and Berba at top as well. Black smirks at me from his position on the field and I smirk right back at the cocky mother fucker. He has no bloody idea who he’s messing with. On and off the field.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Face In The Crowd Contest

Our first contest is here monkeys!!

A face in the crowd contest:

Hosted by Chartwiightmom and Snowhitequeen83 aka dirtycheekymonkeys

Description AU/AH/Vamp/Slash- No rape/abuse/peadophilia as submissions will be banned.

Summary: Have you ever wondered what it would be liked if you were at a concert and your idol picked you out of the crowd? Or maybe you character is the idol and sees the face in the crowd. Maybe its at a crowded oarty, a crowded street or even the grocery store. The crowd could anywhere and anything, you choose. What if the pull was so strong you simply had to have that person come to you or you had to go to them?..what would you do next?

Let your imagination run wild and your fantasy spring to life in this O/S competition.

Below are some guidelines on entry:

1) Entries must be between 1000 and 5000 words.

2) T-M ratings accepted (although M is preferred..we're not called dirtycheekymonkeys for nothing)

3) This nis a O/S competition, but you are welcome to continue with your story once the winner is announced.

4) Winner's are voted for readers poll.

5) Any or all plagarised works will be automatically disqualified and reported.

6) Entries will be accepted from June 15th with the last day of entry being July 10th. Voting will begin on the 15th and end on the 22nd of July.

All details can be found on Twilight awards and The Twi fic news site- with their tweets and followers you are guarenteed good traffic.

We look forward to your entries.