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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 29 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 06.29.11 by @Tkegl is UP! on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant & for heaven's sake change your panties on this one!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 29 Teaser

So if the picture didn't get you teased enough, this teaser will do it: "Touch her," Edward ordered in a low voice, and my eyes snapped up to meet his briefly in the rearview mirror before he returned his gaze to the road. In that split second any doubt vanished, because what I saw in Edward's eyes aroused me more than anything else.




He wanted this as badly as I did. To be in charge of my pleasure…to give me this fantasy that I didn't even know he was aware I had. With trembling fingers I unbuttoned my blouse, my eyes flickering back and forth from the mirror…to Jasper's hungry gaze. He lifted a hand, drifting the back of his fingers over my cheek, down my neck, and across the flushed skin of my breasts. Flipping his hand, his fingers trailed lightly under the cups of my bra and I gasped, arching back, achingly aware of Edward's eyes on me through the mirror.

"Show me," he growled.

Jasper took orders well, sliding one bra cup down and revealing my breast, his thumb running over the aching peak as his own breath caught. He leaned down, his warm breath cool on my glistening skin, and his tongue flicked my nipple once.

I moaned. So did Edward.

Jasper's tongue dipped down again, tickling lightly around the edges of my nipple. Unable to resist, I lifted my hand to tangle in his hair, massaging the back of his scalp as he took my breast into his mouth, drawing it deep with a hot suck and swirl of his tongue.

His hand squeezed my knee before sliding slowly up my thigh and under my skirt. Alarmed, my eyes flew up to meet Edward's once again in the mirror. His eyes flickered back and forth between me and the road, and I could hear his raspy breaths mingle with mine and Jasper's – echoing my sharp gasp when Jasper's fingers brushed between my legs.

"Yeah," Edward said under his breath, and I wondered if he even realized he'd spoken aloud.

The quiet affirmation was enough to relax me, though, and my legs parted of their own volition as Jasper stroked me again, all the while keeping up the sweet torment on my breast. He pressed the nipple tight against the roof of his mouth, just as he slipped a finger under the fabric of my panties, the back of it sliding softly against my wetness.

He teased me, touching me lightly…over and over…sucking my nipple deep before releasing it altogether and letting it rest on his lower lip, his breath making it ache all the more. Suddenly, Edward whirled around in the front seat, and I absently realized we had stopped.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 29

Squeeze My Lemon for 06.29.11 is a very special treat for us. We have Tkegl writing for us. Tkegl is a wonderful writer and we are very grateful that she agreed to write for us.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 22 Teaser

Bella swayed her hips as she strolled towards him and ripped his shirt off, buttons scattering all over the floor. Emmett inhaled sharply at the sensation, his dick growing harder at the look on her face.

Just as a mischievous smile came across her face, Bella pushed Emmett onto the bed and placed a heel covered foot just to the right of the bulge he had in his pants. Emmett gulped. He really didn’t want any harm to come to that area; he really needed his cock and balls at the moment.

Emmett pushed up onto his elbows, trying to show that he wasn’t afraid of her, even though he was just a bit scared for his groin as she started to tap her foot.

“Hmm... where to start?” Bella started to think what could Emmett do first. Everything she wanted to do included straddling him in someway or another, and quickly enveloping him in her heat. She would then ride him fast till they come so hard, they would both be breathless for a long time.

But Bella really wanted to tease him really good, that he would turn so mad with lust and completely take over. This thought gave her the greatest idea.

Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 22

On June 22, Squeeze My Lemon will be written by BabyLopez2008
Teaser will be posted later today!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 15 Teaser

Here is your teaser for this weeks SML from StormDragonFly: “Are you teasing me?” Carlisle laughed back down at her, his fingers demonstrating that she was not the only one who could tease.

“Mmm-hmm, a little.” She squirmed underneath him, giving him the reaction he wanted. Yet, because she did know Carlisle better, she spoke again. “You want to make it up to me, don’t you?”

Carlisle nibbled down from behind her ear towards her throat in playful flirtation, though his words were sincere. “I won’t hurt you.”

Bella’s hand came up to hold the back of his head. “I know.”

Playfulness eased into purpose as Carlisle’s mouth passed over her throat and kissed the top of her breast. He made a languid circle with his tongue before drawing Bella’s nipple into his mouth. The sudden sensation of it caused something between a grunt and a gasp from Bella. It tugged a straight line to between her legs, a tight focused heat. Bella arched up off the bed as Carlisle’s mouth tugged even harder on her breast. It was as though Carlisle was picking up from where he’d left off earlier in the kitchen before she’d stopped him.

Moving his hand under the small of her back with a caress, Carlisle supported her as he moved his mouth over to her right breast, sucking just as strongly. “Unh,” Bella moaned, closing her eyes. The hand she had on the back of his head tangled into his hair, and she tightened her grip on the locks. Nothing existed in this moment but touching Carlisle and being touched by him.

Bella’s legs came up, her calves wrapping around the back of his thighs, skin along skin. Bella marveled at how much warmer Carlisle’s body felt after the continual contact with hers. His hand left her back to run along her thigh and he raised his head to look at her. Bella immediately took advantage. Placing both hands on Carlisle’s chest, she ran them down slowly. She watched his face as his eyes half-closed, and saw it change when she reached her goal. Grasping him in both hands, she stroked him, his gasps only urging her on.


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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 15

Squeeze my Lemon for June 15 will be StormDragonfly. After a reader recommendation and some begging, she chose this picture for her prompt. There will be a tease on Monday here as well as on The Fictionators website. Make sure to check it out!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 8 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 06.08.11 is up on FFN and TWCS! GO read, pant, change your panties and review, not necessarily in that order.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 8 Teaser

Here is a little tease from SydneyAlice for this week's Squeeze My Lemon: Without my prompting, she turned the page and continued to play song after song while I gazed at the lovely curve of her neck and the slight upturn of her nose. The fragrance of her hair was driving me mad, and with my attention no longer on the music, I felt my body once again respond to her close proximity. Unconsciously, I leaned closer to her, and her lips curved into a smile. I was shamelessly staring at the woman by my side, but if my heated gaze was uncomfortable, she hid it well. Her fingers remained steady on the keys, and I watched with hungry eyes as her tongue moistened her lips.

I wanted to taste those lips.

I wanted to taste her.

Abruptly, she stopped playing.

"I think our time is up," she breathed softly.

I exhaled a deep breath and glanced down at my watch. Unbelievably, the hour had passed. I glanced up at the piano book, and I was stunned to see it turned to the very last page.

I panicked. She didn't need lessons, and she certainly wouldn't return.

Maybe if you beg.

"Come back tomorrow," I whispered longingly.

Bella smiled knowingly. She was probably used to men begging for her company.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 8

Squeeze My Lemon on June 8th will be from SydneyAlice. She has this custom banner made as her picture prompt. That look, those fingers *drools* this is going to be so good. Make sure to check out The Fictionators Teaser Monday as well as here on the blog for a tease.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 1 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 06.01.2011 is up! @faerie_kitten and her wicked words are going to make you pant and light up this morning. Enjoy, read, pant, review!