Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Face in the crowd Contest results!!

The results to the contest are in and we are pleased to annouce the winner!!

We had some fantastic entries and thank you all for taking part. So on to the winner!!

In 1st place- Karaoke Night by ladauphine- Congratulations bb!! It was a fantastic O/S.

In 2nd place - Thank you in advance by MrzJasperHale4ever- well done sweetie- another great entry.

In 3rd place- Knowing the one by Forsaken1shadow.

Congrats again to ladauphine who will now become an official Dirtycheekymonkey and have the right to post her work alongside ours under the DCM name and be featured on our blog.
Thanks again for taking part and look out for our next contest, coming soon!