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Squeeze My Lemon ~ January 4

The first squeezer for 2012 is @Lo21_  Lo21. Enjoy her teaser! I couldn't deny myself from all the feeling and imagining. The wetness pooled inside of me as my body waited in anticipation for the hardness and friction, and for it to no longer be just an elaborate illusion in my head. I bit the corner of my lip and licked my lips. I'd tricked my body into thinking that its wetness would be rewarded. I couldn't waste the feeling, and I couldn't deny myself anymore. It was hot, so damn hot, and I was working my body into a sexual frenzy. I wanted my reward: a nice, long, pulsing orgasm. I desired it—badly. I looked around one last time and hesitated for a moment but all I heard was the sound of deserted silence. Everyone was at least ten minutes away and hours from being done. I would be quick. I pulled off my shorts, and tossed them onto my mini pile of discarded clothing. I needed to be free of the binding obstacles of clothing in my way. I leaned a bit more into the shadows.

Edward had starred in many of my fantasies over the years but there was something exciting about him being so near that prompted my boldness on the first night back. Maybe it was because it was near the lake where he'd looked so at home in. I went back to my original position, flat on my back and explored my body's wet folds with warm fingers. I alternated from pinching and tugging my clit to making a fist and pushing it up against myself, just to feel something harder. My other hand came back up to my mouth where I sucked on my fingers and found its way back under my shirt where I slicked the wetness in between and over my breasts to gripping my breast and pinching a nipple as I imagined it was him who was exploring my body.

"Edward," I mumbled, as I moved my thong further out of the way and slipped one and two fingers inside of me.

"Mmm," I hummed as the fingers slid inside easily and I shifted my hips to try to make them go deeper inside. It wasn't enough, and I didn't have the help of a battery operated sex toy to help me achieve my prize.

"Fuck, come on," I mumbled moving my fingers in and out faster. It would be so much easier if I had something that could give me what I desperately needed. "Edward…. Edward….Edward"


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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 28 is UP

Squeeze My Lemon for 12.28.11 is up, featured squeezer Nicia is up on FFN & TWCS. Read, pant, review!

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 28 Teaser

This week we are happy to have a returning squeezer, Nicia. Enjoy her custom banner as her picspiration and her teaser: I giggled at the suggestive tone to his voice and shivered as
his hungry gaze slid over my body once more. "What is that?"

"Take off some of your clothes and I might tell you."

One of his dark eyebrows rose challengingly, but he did as I said; his large
hands sliding up to grasp the hem of his t-shirt before he yanked it up his
body and over his head in one smooth movement.

"Is that better?"

I shook my head sorrowfully, and then grinned. "Normally, I love those jeans.
But now… they need to go."

"And what if I don't?" His voice held a hint of a smile, but his expression
was expectant, teasing.

I toyed with the one of the ends of the bow. "I'd have to shower alone. And
that means you wouldn't get to see what's hidden behi-"

His jeans hit the floor before I finished talking and he stepped forwards
eagerly, his hands replacing mine as he tugged lightly at the ribbon
strategically wrapped around my body in a bow.

"How do you get this off?" His brow wrinkled in confusion as he large fingers
fumbled with the tight knot I'd tied in order to keep the smooth silk from
coming undone.

"That's for you to work out. If you deserve your present, you'll figure it

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 21 Teaser

Squeeze My Lemon this week comes from a collaboration of our own shpwhitney and Duchess Michelle. Enjoy the teaser:
Maybe the liquor was starting to take effect again, or maybe it was just being in such close proximity with him again for the first time in years, but Bella decided she was going to make the first move, even if she wasn't sure what that would be.

Then, just as she took a step towards Edward, she tripped, falling into him and taking him down to the floor with her.

"I'm sor..." she began, but her voice trailed off as she realized the position they were now in. She found herself staring at Edward's lips, and before she had time to think about it, she leaned forward and kissed him.

It started out soft, and tentative, almost hesitant in a way. Even with the charged air that surrounded them, Bella still wasn't sure how Edward would respond after all the years and all the space that had grown between them.

Bella's kiss took Edward by surprise at first, but then he slowly moved his hands to her hips, pulling her closer as they kissed, and he forgot everything but the feel of her in his arms. It was wonderful and sexy and he couldn't get enough of her.

Feeling his enthusiasm, Bella smiled slightly into the kiss as she started to respond just as passionately as Edward. She ground her center against the evident bulge in Edward's pants, soft moans escaping her lips. "Mmm... Edward..."

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 14 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 12.14.11 featured squeezer @IamTheAlleyCat is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 14 Teaser

This week we are extremely excited, and wet from not only the cold shower we have been taking after pre-reading, to have @IamTheAlleyCat writing for us again. She told us, she needed some more time to give us a really good lemon. Hang on to your panties ladies. Enjoy the teaser!

I wanted him. I wanted his hands, his mouth, his body...everything.

“Turn around and close your eyes,” he whispered next to my ear.

I shivered. I didn’t have time to think if this was a smart thing to do. I didn’t have time to feel embarrassed. It was the first time I had heard his voice, and it was as smooth as the touch of his hands. It was absolutely enticing, and I obeyed.

His hands were slightly colder than my skin, and when he touched me—an innocent touch on my knee—I bit down on my lips and moaned as quietly as I could muster. I didn’t want anyone hearing me, but I couldn’t hold in all these emotions.

He gently pulled me down the bed, bringing my legs over his shoulders. He kneeled, and a moment later, I felt those wonderful fingers of his spread me for him in slow passes. It was a play on my fantasy, and I didn’t hold in the cry of pleasure when I felt his mouth—slightly chilly—touch my most sensitive spot. I felt myself arch, and my hands grabbed his head, holding on to the silk strands of his hair as he began licking and lapping and driving me completely beyond reasonable thought.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 7 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 12.07.11, featured squeezer @artemisleaena is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 7

This week's squeezer is Artemis Leaena. Do enjoy the teaser!

He was on his knees and his bulging crotch was level with my chest but nowhere near close enough for me to grab hold of – damn it!

As if he could read my mind, a sultry chuckle escaped his perfectly pouty lips and drifted to me over the din surrounding us. When his smoldering jade eyes locked with mine, however, the menagerie of ridiculous displays and myriad screeches faded away and it was if we were the only two souls on the planet, much less the room. By the time he placed his hands on the stage, positioning him on all fours, I was panting and digging my fingers into the wooden railing in front of me. A pulsing ache was forming in my nether region, and my panties were becoming uncomfortably flooded, as my fine-ass man stalked toward me like a mountain lion on the prowl.

When he reached me, he lunged forward and planted a brief, but fierce kiss on my lips and then leaned back onto his haunches. The air was heavy with tension, and I was in danger of scrambling up onto the stage and mounting Edward right here in front of all and sundry.

Edward started crooning along with Justin, “Dirty baby, you see these shackles, baby, I’m your slave …” Edward held his wrists together and out toward me “… I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave. It’s just that no one makes me feel this way.” He swiveled on his knees and dropped back down on all fours with his tight, rounded, wiggling ass right in front of me … so I reached out and swatted him soundly on the right cheek.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 30 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 11.30.11 featured squeezer @ImHeretoReview is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 30 Teaser

This week our squeezer is ImHereToReview @ImHereToReview. Enjoy this teaser from her one shot "Picture This":

I feel Edward come behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. His warm, soft lips caress my neck and work upward.  “What do you think?” he murmurs behind my ear.

Now, at this point, we’ve only been on a few dates and this is new. He’s kissed me goodnight but always very gentleman-like.  I’ve never felt his lips on my body and man do I want more. My eyes flutter shut and I tilt my head to the left, giving him room to do as he pleases. He kisses my neck before moving down to my shoulder. I have never wanted someone so much in my entire life.

“Bella?” he questions against my burning hot skin.

“Hmmm?”  I can only hum my response.

He chuckles and takes a step back. I shudder at the instant loss of his body against my own.

“The cars.  What do you think?”

The cars?  Oh! The cars!  Right.

I clear my throat and try to clear my head – but am unsuccessful in the latter.

“The cars. They’re nice. Beautiful really.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

I turn toward him and give him a questioning look. “Is this your latest project?”

He cocks an eyebrow at me, as if I should know the answer to a terribly difficult mathematical problem.  “You could say that, yes.”

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 23 teaser

NSFW!  This week we are happy to have Welcome2MyWorldxoxo to be squeezing us. Enjoy her teaser:
I couldn't quite put a finger on the emotions rolling and fluttering around in my stomach, it was something between excitement, desire, anticipation, and happiness. It felt like it was shooting through my veins, peeking out of my skin and surrounding my body in warmth.
He fumbled with his key as he unlocked his door before dragging me into his room. My eyes barely adjusted the darkness before he had me pressed flush against the door. I heard the sound of the lock clicking as I arched, hissing as my overheated skin touched the cool wood of the door.
His mouth covered mine, smothering my moans and cries of pleasure as he hoisted me up, his hands palming my ass roughly as my dress bunched up around my hips. I wrapped my legs around his waist tightly and my nails scratched against his scalp, making him groan, the sound vibrating through his chest to mine.
I was panting by the time he finally let me breathe, his wet, warm lips traveling down my jaw to my throat.
"Tell me you want this," he growled. "Say it. Out loud."
My head fell back against the door and I closed my eyes. "Don't stop. Don't ever stop," I whimpered as his lips brushed along my shoulder, pushing down the strap of my dress, letting it fall before repeating the process on the other side. The straps of my dress fell to the creases of my elbows, revealing my heaving breasts, the nipples erect and swollen.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 16 IS UP!

SML for 11.16.11 is UP on FFN & TWCS! Our squeezer this week @IamTheAlleyCat squeezed this freshly for us this week. Read, pant, review!

Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 16

NSFW!!!! Squeeze My Lemon is super fresh this week. @IamTheAlleyCat wrote this in one day. Enjoy the teaser!

“Careful, lover.”

“Now where is the fun in that?” She smirked.

She didn’t bite; instead, she lowered herself onto her knees, leaving a wet trail of kisses and licks down his torso. She was showing him how she felt through each and every touch. Her hands unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down, and by the time she was on her knees before him, he was standing practically naked before her. She slid her hands up and down his thighs, massaging the muscles that would never tire. She then continued on to taking off his shoes and pants, leaving him in nothing but his socks. She looked at his body from head to toe, humming in approval of the work of art that stood before her, courtesy of Mother Nature, and began kissing him again.

He hissed when she began nibbling on his pubic bone, coming so close to his painful hardness, and yet never coming close enough.

“Tease,” he accused, his hand threading through the mahogany tresses of her hair, but he did not dare to push her.

He loved the duality of this position. With her on her knees before him, he could have full control over her, but at the same time, she could take the reins at any time. He knew well that she could reduce him to his most basic behavior with no more than the touch of her hands. She was close to doing it as it was.

She kissed a path down his thighs, stopping to caress behind his knees before taking his socks off, one leg at a time. She could hear his growls of pleasure. He was both loving and hating her slow pace, and she couldn’t resist teasing him just a little bit more. “Do you want me to take you in my mouth, lover?” She almost growled the question, her eyes locking with his again.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 9

This week we are being squeezed by jenjiveg. Enjoy the tease she gave us:
#360446276: Comfortable?

#360446238: Mm…

#360446238: No.

#360446276: No?

#360446238: *rolls over on side*

#360446238: *pulls hand up holding a…*

I wait for it.

Shit. What’s he holding?

I look at the picture. Both of the pic man’s hands are out of view. He could have fucking anything.

I’m soaking.

What’s he waiting for?

I start typing: “Are you still there?” I don’t press submit because it’s REALLY bad form to step out of character, but I’m dying…where the fuck is he…?

Well…I presume it’s a “he,” but it could be a “she.”

Well, statistically, that’s highly unlikely, but…it could happen.

I don’t dwell on it too long, because 38 finally responds.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ November 2

NSFW! Squeeze My Lemon for 11.02.11 is up on FF & TWCS. Featuring a return squeezer @faerie_kitten. Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon Authors needed!!!

We are in need of SML writers. Do you know of someone that would be perfect writing for us? We beg. Send them on over!!!

Squeeze My Lemon ~ October 26 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 10.26.11 featured squeezer @bnjwl is up on FFN & TWCS. Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ October 26


This week our squeezer is bnjwl @bnjwl. Enjoy her teaser: I made sure to slow down and allow her to come down from her high gently.  Her face was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and she looked beautiful.  When I pulled my fingers out of her, her eyes flew open as I brought them up to my mouth to suck them off.  There was no way that small taste of her was enough, but for now, I wanted my dick in her.  I hoped all the rumors were true of how sensitive a girl would be after an intense orgasm.
I pulled Bella closer to the end of the table and quickly dropped my pants.  Bella sat up and unbuttoned my lab coat and my shirt as well.  Nothing said dirty romp like clothes half strew about the room or even worse, left in place because you were in too big of a hurry to take them off.
When I was left with nothing to cover my body, I stepped closer to her and took my dick in my hand.  I rubbed the thick tip around her clit and watched as she immediately started to climb back towards another orgasm.  Part of me wanted to do a victory dance and pat myself on the back, the other part screamed that she was a child and had very little experience so there was no need to congratulate myself when she had nothing to compare it to.
Yeah, my subconscious was a wordy little fucker.
I focused back on Bella and could see her entire pussy throb as I rubbed myself across her.  Her sweet musky scent filled the air, and once again, I promised myself that I would be able to spend some quality time with my head nestled between her thighs but just not right now.
“Edward, I swear to God, if you don’t slide that thing in, I will scream.”  I smirked at her choice of words.
“Oh, baby, you’re going to scream when I finally do slide it in.”

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ October 19

This week we have something a little different. Our squeezer, Nicia is squeezing us a lemon from the world of Vampire Academy. Enjoy the tease: Finally, we grow tired of just our mouths moving against each other, and the kiss breaks. Our breathing is ragged and my heart thumps against my rib cage as Dimitri lowers his head and trails a hot path of wet open-mouthed kisses across my jaw and down my neck before he sucks gently on the sensitive skin of my collarbone. A light sigh leaves his lips as he leans back up to kiss me again, softly, before his head falls again, this time, his focus on my chest.

“I’ve missed you, Roza. Your reactions to my touch, and the way you make me feel by doing something so simple.” My body squirms as one of his large, rough palms cup my breast softly as his mouth envelopes the other. “I’ve missed you.” He moans again as his tongue starts to join in, sending a wave of heat directly to the spot between my thighs.

“Dimitri.” My voice is a breathy moan as he switches sides, ever the fair and just gentleman.

“Are you ready for more?”

I can only nod as he kisses his way back up to my lips as he eases my legs apart softly, his hands caressing my thighs as he does so.

And then his mouth is gone, my eyes opening in confusion before I feel his fingers lightly stroking my entrance, enticing me into relaxing back onto the bed.

Dimitri’s tongue is soft, tentative, as he re-learns the taste and touch of me once again. His gentle strokes ease a whimper of delight from between my lips, and my back arches off of the bed sharply as he bites down on my clit. He uses my moment to hook his arms under my hips and lift my legs so that they rest over his shoulders as he continues to explore me with his mouth.

Dimitri’s tongue digs a little deeper as his hands push my legs apart slightly more so he can explore every crack and crevice of my body further.

And then he moans.

God, I’d forgotten how much I missed hearing something as simple as a moan of pleasure when it came from him. The primal noise of desire that leaves his lips causes the ache between my legs to spread up to my lower stomach as he continues to lick and suck and tease my body with his mouth.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ October 12 Teaser

We are happy to have a return squeezer this week, Elvirina @Elvirina_Nelly. Edward nuzzled in to her neck, peppering feather light kisses to her warm skin. Slowly he picked up the tune and sang privately to Bella. This Cullen could carry a tune, but had no need to show it to anyone but his girlfriend.
Bella sank contently into Edward’s side, goose flesh rising up her throat. Her eyes fluttered closed, tuning out the heinous singing coming from the stage. All she heard was Edward’s voice aimed so intimately at her.
Edward’s hand ventured to rest over her bellybutton, pulling her back to his chest. He couldn’t help but gently brush his growing erection against the small of her back. Bella’s floral and natural fragrance always got the better of him. In response she subtlety arched her back, just a bit, to let him know that she felt him.
Edward smiled and placed a last kiss just below her ear. 
“I was thinking, if you’re interested, that later we could make this a very private party just for the two of us.” His voice was sultry and so full of promise.
Bella decided to play coy and bat her lashes innocently at him. “Did you have anything specific in mind?”
“Uh huh. I took the liberty of bringing something from home that might pleasure you.”
A faint blush crawled into her cheeks and her exhale trembled. “I think that can be arranged.”
At her consent Edward held firmly against her stomach with his hand, pushing himself harder against her backside. Since they had met their chemistry had been undeniable always lingering just under the surface. 

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ October 5 Teaser

This week's squeezer is kitkat681. And if the look from 'the pretty' in her banner doesn't get your panties wet, this teaser will: I can't wait to see you spread naked on those leaves…
I'll make sure there are no rocks or twigs under you…
Can't let all that perfect skin get damaged.
I reach down and grab the bottom of my beater…
Your eyes go wide as I slide it up my torso…

Abs rippling…

Pecs jumping…

Biceps flashing…

Then the shirt is thrown over the branch of a tree…


I slip my hand down my belly and into the wide waistband of my pants…

Just my fingertips…

Ain't got nothing else under these pants…

It was not that much fun running with my balls slapping against my thighs but I did it…

I did it cause I know how much it drives you crazy when you can see my junk through my pants.

Knowing it would just take one little nudge to have my cock out and ready for you.

Are you ready for me?

Are you wet?



I bet you are…

Dirty girl.

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Squeeze My Lemon Authors Wanted

Remember if you would like to work on your lemon writing skills, sign up to write for Squeeze My Lemon! And if you have an author that you would like to see write for SML, send us your recommendations!

The Friday Review ~ Words With Friends/Words With Strangers

Review for Words with Friends/Words with Strangers by Nolebucgrl

WWF Summary: Bella Swan has a major crush on a major star, Edward Cullen. They have an obsession with the same game. Can they connect through Words with Friends and become more than that? Time will tell! Rated M for possible lemons down the line and some language. ( (Click here to read link)

WWS Summary: EPOV Companion Piece to Words with Friends. Movie star Edward Cullen is done with women and focused on his career. A stranger reaches out to him via Words with Friends. Will her words change his mind? ( (Click here to read link)

Review: So, how many times have you sat in front of the television watching some late night talk show because your favorite actor or singer was going to be on the show and you just wanted to soak up any little personal tidbit they might share so that you could feel a little closer to them? Well, Words With Friends is the story of what happens when you know just enough to bring you as close to them as you could ever dream. After seeing her favorite actor, Edward Cullen, on one such show and learning of his affinity for the Words with Friends app on his phone, Bella decides she’s going to try her chance at luck and see if she can start a game with the man of her dreams.  As luck, fate, and the intelligence of a future teacher would have it, Bella succeeds, and so begins her relationship with Edward. 

Meanwhile, over in Words With Strangers, we  get to meet movie star Edward, who’s on a long international promotional tour away from his family and most of his friends, and with the ex girlfriend who not only embarrassed him but made him leery of women in general. He’s not looking for a relationship, but he is open to communication with someone that allows him to just be real. When a mysterious Words with Friends invite pops up on his phone, he soon finds this with Bella. 

Nolebucgrl tells the tale of how these two connect over words in a way that exudes fun, wit, humor, and warmth. Bella, who comes across as somewhat shy and hesitant to take chances, comes alive throughout these chapters. She’s feisty and sensual, yet she sometimes becomes adorably flustered and nervous. Edward comes across as a normal, laid back, and honest guy – who just so happens to have the ability to make you sigh and pant in equal amounts due to his words.  

She’s done something that tends to be so rare in fanfiction: she makes you believe and love the connection between two characters that have never officially met!

Throw in a feisty yet nurturing Rosalie, an Alice who’s swooning over a guy on her Words With Friends who she’s convinced is Edward, an amusing yet protective duo of Kate and Garrett, and probably one of the most entertaining Emmett’s ever, and you have a full cast of characters that add hilarity and context to the individual lives of Edward and Bella. 

And don’t be fooled; even though these two have yet to meet in person, their conversations are steamy and vivid enough that you feel like you are getting a lemon in almost every chapter. Also, the phone sex between them when they make it to that level of communication is a great preview of what’s to come ☺

I have the pleasure of being one of the pre-readers for this story and I can tell you personally that things have only begun to heat up. So please, do yourself a favor and go read these stories!
- Review by Shpwhitney

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ September 28 Teaser

Squeeze My Lemon squeezer this week is smmiskimen.
"Edward," I said in my tone of authority, making him freeze with the door barely open. "Close the door."

He shut the door but left his hand on the handle.

"Lock it," I commanded and his head whipped around, his eyes meeting mine. There was confusion deep within them, but something else too...desire. Edward complied with my command and locked the door.

"Come here," I commanded, pointing to the spot directly in front of me.

He moved slowly, his eyes cautious as he came to stand in the exact spot I told him to stand in. His eyes didn't leave mine, but his chest heaved with the deep breaths he was taking as if to calm himself.

I leaned forward, keeping my body minutely away from his, until my lips were right near his neck, my breath washing over his skin making him shudder.

"You want to fuck me? You want to make me scream your name? Tell me and you can have it. Tell me how much you want me and I'm yours. All you have to do is say the words. Do you want me, Edward?" I purred into his ear, letting my moist breath coat his skin, tempting and teasing the flesh.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ September 21 Teaser

This week our squeezer is onesweetbell: I peered into the kitchen and could see him standing by the sink washing his hands, without a shirt on. I could feel the rush start to flow through my body. I wanted him now.

"Something smells good in here," I said, trying to make my presence known.

He turned around, taking me in with his eyes.

"Something looks good in here too," he smiled with a sexy smirk as he made his way towards me, drying his hands on a towel as he did so.

Pulling me into his arms, I took a deep breath. Shuddering as his smell infiltrated my senses, I tried to stifle a moan but I couldn't.

"Hmmm," he whispered into my ear. "What's first, my dear? Dinner or dessert?"

"Definitely dessert first," I whispered back. It never took me long to get worked up when he was around and tonight was no different.

He whisked me up into his arms with a slight chuckle and took us into the living room.

"What's all this, love?" I asked after taking in all the candles he had placed around the room.

"Oh, just setting the mood."

After taking off our clothes in between kisses, he laid me down on to the pillow-covered floor

"Now lay back and enjoy what I have in store for you, baby," he breathed into my ear.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ September 14

NSFW! This week we are squirming, seeking some delicious relief from the words of our squeezer, bornonhalloween.  Prepare yourself for this week's SML: His kisses become greedy, and I can visualize that almost pained look he gets on his face when he can’t seem to get enough. His tongue demands more, and I willingly give him everything he needs.

Take, Edward. Take, take, take. I’m all yours. I’ve always been yours.

Our moans grow louder and fiercer. Breathing through mouths is no longer an option; loud gusts of air are sucked in desperately through noses. I lift my hand to the back of Edward’s neck, touching his trademark unruly hair for the first time. I can’t help myself; I tug at the ends out of sheer lust-induced insanity, drawing a series of low grunts from him that threatens to shred every last ounce of my self-control.

It’s Edward who eventually slows down and pulls back just enough to drag in a breath. Gathering himself, he quips, “Is it hot out here or is it us?”

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ September 7

Squeeze My Lemon for 09.07.11 is from AydenMorgen.   "Do we have plans?" I asked carefully as he lowered the glass again. It clinked softly against the marble tabletop as he shifted it into place just so.

He shrugged a shoulder and moved toward me, working at his cufflinks as he did so. Strong forearms were revealed slowly as he rolled the sleeves of expensive silk up his arms. "Depends," he murmured, cocking a brow in challenge. "What do you want to do?"

My answer was instantaneous, leaving my lips as soon as the word formed in my mind. "You."

He chuckled as he stepped up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. His eyes crinkled as he dropped his forehead to mine and brushed a kiss across my waiting lips. "Oh, I think we can definitely make that happen, love."

I melted into his arms as his lips brushed across mine again. "Please do," I whispered, my tongue darting out to tease at his bottom lip. Brandy and mint, a taste that was purely him, burst on my tongue, pulling a soft moan from my lips.

He took control of the kiss as soon as that moan left my lips; delving his fingers into my hair to tilt my face to his. It was soft on hard – smooth and rich like the warm flavor of the brandy still on my tongue. Stubble scratched at my face as his tongue explored, twining around mine and pulling it into his mouth.

My hands curled into his biceps, feeling the ripple and play of thick muscle beneath silk. His traveled down my back, strong fingers undoing the zipper on their journey downward. Cool air licked at my skin as my dress parted beneath his hands. Fingers kneaded into the muscles of my ass as he pulled me up and into him.

Desire wove between us as our bodies pressed into one another; sparks igniting us both in familiar crackles. It had already been denied too long, pushed aside for mundane things that had no place in the here and now. In this moment and where it was leading.

"Oh," I gasped into his mouth, my hands tightening on his biceps as his cock pressed into my stomach.

"Feel that?" he whispered against my mouth before moving to trail a line of soft kisses across my jaw and to my ear. "I've been hard for you all day, Bella." His teeth nipped at the shell of my ear, his warm breath causing my skin to pebble. "All day, love," he reiterated, lifting me up his body.

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The Friday Review ~ Yours For The Taking

“To dance is to be out of yourself – larger, more powerful, more beautiful.” Bella longs for a turn in the spotlight while Edward wonders how long the stage will be his. 

Yours for the Taking tells the story of Bella Swan, a dancer from the small town of Forks, Washington who, after some encouragement from her best friend and her father, decides to audition for one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world, the American Ballet Theater’s (ABT) II Company. The ABT II dancers are a select group from all over the world and, under the tutelage of a group of seasoned dancers through choreography workshops, they gain experience that will make them highly desirable amongst any and all dance companies, including ABT’s corps de ballet. One of those choreographers just happens to be Edward Cullen, one of the most accomplished young principal male dancers to come out of ABT.  After traveling the world with prestigious touring companies and winning a host of awards, Edward has taken the position as a choreographer and mentor with ABT to figure out what will be the next step for his life and his career. Although only 23 years old, he’s reached a point where he realizes his career as simply a dancer won’t be forever, and that forces him to think about all the possibilities for the future. Edward – turned off from a previous relationship with a dancer  – has a “no dating dancers” rule, and Bella is well aware of it. However, with the passion and connection through dance that flows between these two, it might be time for rules to be broken.

Yours for the Taking is captivating and alluring in the way that it not only captures the journey of these two individuals at such different points in their dancing careers, but also in the way that it so fully and flawlessly embodies the elements of dance. With the way that the author (Ingenuefic on, LaVampIngenue on twitter) writes out the movements and positions during performance scenes, the dancing itself almost becomes another character. And because dance is so instrumental, the way that the connection with it serves as both a blessing and a curse for the attraction between Bella and Edward makes the tension – sexual and otherwise – that much more palpable. Bella is a dancer in every sense of the word; her passion and drive to be on the stage could take her amazing places and it is a top priority in her life. A haunting breakup with someone with similar characteristics has Edward somewhat wary of pursuing a romantic relationship with her, although his attraction to her beauty and body – especially on a stage – is hard to deny. 

Speaking of characters, I love how different she’s made these characters, especially in their relation to the plot and the relationships that exist. Of course there is Charlie as Bella’s dad and Jacob as her best friend; both the ones who gave her the push to follow her dream. But there’s also Leah, Bella’s blunt and bold roommate and fellow dancer; and Alice, Edward’s pushy friend whose dreams of dancing never came true. And then, of course, there’s Edward and Bella. Bella, who comes across as somewhat innocent yet confident and devoted to her craft, and Edward who is sexy and suave while still being somewhat of an enigma.  

Although there aren’t any lemons yet, this story is still heating up. And with lines like this, I’m sure that the lemons will be worth the wait:  
“His fingers flirted with the skin just behind the button of her jeans, making Bella suck in a deep breath in surprise. His lips were dry when they pressed a kiss on the side of her neck. She felt the soft wetness of his tongue drag up her skin to her ear.”

I personally can’t wait to see what more this story brings. The story is 15 chapters in, but I promise you that the read is so enjoyable you will fly through the pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Go read this amazing story NOW!

- Review by Shpwhitney

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 31 Teaser

This week's squeeze is @PlzFangMe PlzFangMe. She has a lovely teaser for us as well as a picture prompt that makes us wish we were the object in this picture:  “Hello, Edward.  Are you ready to begin?”  Shy Bella suddenly didn’t seem as shy as she took my hand and lead me into the kitchen.  “I think we should get started with a bit of a taste testing exercise.  I need to know just how developed your palate is.”  She sat me down on the stool and took one of the linen napkins and tied it around my eyes.  I sat there feeling suddenly very vulnerable and excited at the same time.  It felt like my senses were suddenly heightened.  I could hear puttering around the kitchen as she collected whatever she was using for our little lesson.  Minutes or hours could have passed as I waited for Bella to return to me.

“Tell me Edward.  Do you prefer savory, spicy, sour or sweet?  What makes your tongue happy?”    I opened my mouth to answer and her finger popped in it instead, coated with something thick and sticky.  “Suck it off, Edward.”

My cock suddenly sprang to life as I immediately did as I was told.  I sucked at her finger and ran my tongue around, tasting the thick substance.  Sweet, earthy… “Uh- Honey?”

“MmmmHmmm…”  She pulled her finger all too quickly from my mouth, “Let’s try this one.  Open up, big boy…”  This time she placed some kind of powder on my tongue… it wasn’t sweet at all and slightly spicy but still mild, I recognized it… “Uh… Cinnamon…?”  I asked.

“Yes.  Let’s try this one.” Something granular touched my tongue and I instantly smiled, “Easy, sugar.”  I said.  “Very good Edward but I want to try something.  Open up..."

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Congratulations Winners!

Two of our very own cheeky monkeys, shpwhitney & chartwilightmom are proud to be winners in the TwiGirls School's Out for Summer One Shot Contest. Their collaboration, What A Trip It's Been placed 3rd in the public vote
as well as captured one of the two judges choice 

Make sure to check out all of the entries for 
School's Out for Summer. Congratulations monkeys!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 24 Teaser

We begged and got a squeezer for this week, SqueakyZorro @SqueakyZorro. Here is her picture prompt that is her banner as well. This is an outtake from her one shot called I Possessed My Lover in the Garden, that she wrote for Fandom4SAA. And here is her teaser: Her hands dipped to his waistline and started to stray lower, and without conscious thought, his hands lifted to stop her. He wanted—no, needed—to give to her, to return some small measure of the devotion she was showing him.
Confused by his actions, she looked at him questioningly. “Don't you want to...?” She trailed off, hesitant to put her question into words.
He reassured her, “Oh, I want. Just not that—not yet, anyway.” His smile turned wolfish. “I think I'm hungry, after all.”
Still a little perplexed, she turned as if to enter the house. He kept her hand and pulled her back to him. “No, not food. You look a lot more appetizing to me right now.” He tugged until she was pressed against him, and then he kissed her lingeringly. His hands slipped underneath her camisole to stroke her back, edging around to gently brush the sides of her breasts. She moaned, running her hands over his shoulders.
He moved his lips to her ear, growling, “I'm going to feast on you. Would you rather go inside or stay here in the lilies?”
Feeling almost dazed, she smiled back at him. “We seem to like the garden, don't we?”
He turned serious for a moment. “Because we're part of nature, part of the cycle of growth. We become part of the beauty.” Touched beyond words, she framed his face with her hands and gently kissed him.
“Here,” she murmured against his lips.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 17 Teaser

Squeeze My Lemon squeezer this week is @Drotuno drotuno. Here is her picture prompt and a teaser: "I can still buy you your own house, Bella," Edward stated, the silly, sexy smirk now falling from his face as he studied my expression. He'd never admit it, but he hated it when he couldn't hear my mind.

"I know," I said, cupping his handsome face and smiling. "Thank you, baby, but it's better for this town that the 'kids' live under one roof. Don't you think?"

He grimaced, but finally acquiesced with a nod. "I suppose."

I could tell by the look on his face that he was not saying everything on his mind, but I knew him really well. Opening my thoughts to him, I smirked. What's the matter, handsome? You miss letting Dirty Edward have free range?

I held onto the best secret in the world. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – a vampire well in his hundreds, my sweet husband, and a true and proper gentleman – had the dirtiest, sexiest, most toe-curling mouth that ever uttered a single word. And no one knew it but me. It was a secret that we kept from everyone – his family, most of all. It was a secret I planned on keeping for the rest of our existence together.

He snorted into a laugh. "Perhaps. There was a bit more...freedom at our own house."

I chuckled, brushing his damp hair off of his forehead so I could place a long, slow kiss there. "Yes... Yes, there was. I'm sure he'll break out as soon as the coast is clear."

He grinned up at me as I stood up from the bed. It was sexy and crooked and radiated all sorts of naughty things. "You think so, sweet girl?"

"If he doesn't, then I'm sending out a search party, Edward," I laughed, starting to head to the bathroom, but he stopped me, picking up my hand to place a kiss to my wedding ring – his mother's ring, and something I never, ever took off.

He sat up on the bed, swinging his legs to the floor so he could tug me to stand between them. Several years of marriage to the man at my fingertips wasn't long enough to get used to his beauty. He was just gorgeous as he leaned in to give his immortal scar just above my breast a sweet kiss. It was over my heart, and I swear every time his lips touched it, my body still felt a faint, ghostly thump-thump.

"A search party would attract...attention, my beautiful girl," he snickered as he set his chin on my stomach in order to gaze up at me. His eyes darkened just a bit as his hands glided sensually up and down my bare back.

"True," I said, taking his hands from around my waist and giving his wedding band a quick turn. I was just about to place his hands where I really wanted them, but I'd forgotten that the pixie was on school patrol duty.

"Oh no you don't!" Alice warned from from the bottom of the stairs. "We'll be late, Isabella Marie! Get your asses out of bed!"

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 10 Teaser

@EmilyBowdn is our squeezer this week. Enjoy her picture prompt that she brought and her teaser: “Where are we going?” I ask, delight and excitement in my tone.

“Somewhere I can take advantage of you,” Edward replies, his voice dripping sex.

“Baby, you can take me anytime, anywhere.”

Edward wags his eyebrows, a wide grin spreading across his gorgeous face. He drives down a dirt road, acres of forest surrounding us on both sides. I look around us, my anticipation growing as I try to figure out where he has taken me.

A light cloud of dust surrounds us as he stops; the silent serenity of the forest is all I can here. It's broken by the soft click of Edward's seat belt release, and then I feel nothing but his lips on my neck.

“Mmmm,” I moan, encouraging his lavishing mouth by placing my hand behind his head, my own tilting to welcome his attention. His tongue peeks out, tracing along my collar bone, down to were the top of my shirt begins.

“Take your clothes off,” he demands low and heady, making me breathless. I love the sound of need on his voice.

“Did you bring a blanket?” I ask.

“Won't need one,” he mumbles against my skin. His hands are busy ridding me of my shirt. I guess he feels I'm taking too long, and he wants my bare flesh against his.

He slowly releases the buttons from the front of my flannel, each one feels like a tease, a torment, making my body heat as each small circle passes through their paired hole. His mouth follows the path of my parting shirt, revealing the pale skin beneath. 

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 3

This week we have busymommy squeezing us. Enjoy the teaser that she has given us: Unable to refuse her, I scooped her up, struggling to my feet in the wet sand. I claimed her mouth with mine, my tongue caressing hers, while I walked into the crashing waves. Once I reached waist deep water, I let her body slide down me, pulling her hips up against my throbbing erection. She kissed me once more, before pushing away to dive under the swells moving in. She surfaced a few feet further out, her dark hair almost ebony under the waning sun. My beautiful water nymph. I dove under and swam out to meet her, my hand wrapping around her ankle and pulling her under. We both surfaced together, Bella’s seductive laugh swept away on the ocean winds.
We swam together, our bodies slipping across each other, our touches becoming bolder with each pass. Gliding up behind her, I slid my fingers under the thin fabric of her panties, teasing across her silken skin, before pushing the wisp of fabric down her legs. I felt her sharp intake of breath, her body melting against mine. My lips blazed a trail across her shoulder, up her neck, to whisper in her ear.
“You sure you want to swim?”

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 27 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 07.27.11 is UP on ffn and TWCS. Hang onto your panties on this one, read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 27

NSFW! Squeeze My Lemon is saved this week by DreamQuill (formally CitizenCullen25). And from the looks of the picture prompt that she sent us, we are in for another panty dripper! And here is a teaser that she offered as well:
Edward Cullen’s Weekday Schedule:

·         5:30   AM        Wake up

·         6:00   AM        Running and exercise

·         7:00   AM        Shower and get dressed

·         7:30   AM`      Eat breakfast and Misc.

·         8:30   AM        Arrive at office

·         12:00 PM        Lunch

·         12:30 PM        Answer personal emails

·         5:00   PM        End workday

·         5:30   PM        Errands

·         6:00   PM        Watch television or play X-Box

·         7:00   PM        The Bella Hour

·         8:00   PM        Dinner and reading

·         9:00   PM        Morning preparation

·         9:30   PM        Feed the fish and lock up

·         10:00 PM        Sleep

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 20

We are squeezed this week by Nolebucgrl who is teasing is causing us to twitch in our seats: @Nolebucgrl
His fingers stilled on the keys and I pulled back and looked at him. "I knew I was as well. This song is us, Edward, captured perfectly."

He smiled and kissed me softly. "It's easy to capture my love for you in song. It bursts out of me every time I look at you."

My heart flipped in my chest and I cupped his face in my hands. "I may not be able to write you a song, but I couldn't love you any more if I tried."

His lips met mine again, harder, hungrier this time. I moaned and ground myself against him. His hands cupped my ass and pulled me as close as he could get.

"You're wearing entirely too many clothes," I complained, pushing his jacket off his shoulders and loosening his tie.

"I usually try to reserve my naked piano playing for when my wife's awake."

I laughed as I tossed his tie across the room and started unbuttoning his shirt. "You've never played the piano for me naked," I pointed out, pouting slightly over that fact.

"An oversight that clearly needs to be corrected posthaste." He grinned at me as I pushed his shirt open. Dear God, but he was magnificent. A light smattering of hair dusted his perfectly defined chest, a musical scale tattoo that depicted the note B over his heart that he'd gotten for me after we'd gotten engaged, sculpted abs from early mornings spent in the gym. My husband was one sexy man and he was all mine.

His lips moved across my jaw and dropped down to my neck as I reached underneath his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. I squeezed them as his tongue licked along the curve of my shoulder, his teeth scraping against me. Just like in my dream. A soft moan escaped me and he nipped my neck lightly.

"I'm starting to feel inspired," he murmured against my skin, his hands moving up my back and coming around to rest on my aching breasts. My already hard nipples tightened further as his long fingers began to roll and tug them lightly.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 13 Teaser

NSFW! This week we are very excited to have TexasBella writing for us. And there is a bonus with the teaser this week, a fuckhot banner, grrr! Here your teaser: I’d just taken the last drag of my cigarette when I heard the moaning.  Unable to restrain myself, I’d stepped up to the large picture window of my neighbor’s unit.  There were no curtains.  No lights were on inside.  Thinking I’d imagined it, I turned to leave and heard it again.  I spun back around and put my face up against the glass.
Traces of moonlight filtered into the room and danced across her naked form.  She was sitting in the middle of her living room floor with her back to the window.  She was leaning back on one elbow, her head dropped back causing all that thick hair to pool on the ground behind her, eyes squeezed shut.  Her rose colored nipples were hard and pointing towards the ceiling as her free hand was moving rapidly between her legs.
I knew I should leave; that it was wrong to stand here and watch her uninvited.  But why the fuck was she doing this in her living room with no curtains if she didn’t enjoy the idea of someone possibly seeing?  I palmed my dick through my jeans and groaned.
What if she doesn’t realize that I’ve moved in and she’s no longer alone?
The southern gentleman in me almost won out as I once again turned to leave.  I stopped dead in my tracks when she cried out and I clearly heard MY name fall from her lips in the throes of her orgasm.
Astonished, I looked back into the window.  She was now sprawled out, spread eagle, on her living room floor and though her eyes were still closed, I could see all of her face and I knew it was her.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 13

Squeeze My Lemon on July 13 welcomes TexasBella. Not only does she have a teaser for us but her own video tease! Click here to view! BTW~the video is very NSFW.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 6 Teaser

Here is a teaser from this week's SML written by Dellaterra: "Oh, Emmett," she breathed, taking in his warm scent, the feel of his muscles under her hand, the delicate kisses that were growing more insistent, his moan when she responded to them.

With a look of wonder in her eyes, she attempted to make sense of it all, but she was overwhelmed, her head spinning with confusion and desire. There had never been a moment of tenderness such as this in any of their films. After all this time, after all that fucking, they were... making love.

With one finger he traced her cheek, then lifted her head and pushed the pillows to the side, preferring to cradle her head with his arm instead. It had been one of his favorite poses during the day and Jacob had taken hundreds of photos of them like this. He basked in the feel of his slim, muscular hips between her thighs, his tight abs against hers, his smooth chest against the softness of her breasts. They still wore the utilitarian, yet sexy, underwear they'd been hired to promote, but they barely noticed it between them.

She reached around and pulled him closer in an embrace that left her breathless with his full weight upon her, his warmth igniting a fire deep in her belly. She spread her legs wider as she felt the pressure increase from his hips, his erection pushing against her insistently. No porno fluffer needed here.

She sighed as she thought about all the ways she'd seen him wield his beautiful cock during the past year – ever the swordsman, never the lover. She didn't think he had it in him to be one, didn't think he was capable of putting aside his emotional armor long enough to let anyone in. She couldn't explain it yet; maybe she'd never be able to. But now everything was different.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 6

Squeeze My Lemon on July 6 is written by Dellaterra, who has been waiting patiently and submitted her story a month ago. She provided us with a summary to go along with her picture prompt. At the end of a long photo shoot, two porn stars are left exposed in ways they never expected. Written for the Dirty Cheeky Monkeys' “Squeeze My Lemon” writing challenge. AH, rated M.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ June 29 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 06.29.11 by @Tkegl is UP! on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant & for heaven's sake change your panties on this one!