Friday, December 30, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ January 4

The first squeezer for 2012 is @Lo21_  Lo21. Enjoy her teaser! I couldn't deny myself from all the feeling and imagining. The wetness pooled inside of me as my body waited in anticipation for the hardness and friction, and for it to no longer be just an elaborate illusion in my head. I bit the corner of my lip and licked my lips. I'd tricked my body into thinking that its wetness would be rewarded. I couldn't waste the feeling, and I couldn't deny myself anymore. It was hot, so damn hot, and I was working my body into a sexual frenzy. I wanted my reward: a nice, long, pulsing orgasm. I desired it—badly. I looked around one last time and hesitated for a moment but all I heard was the sound of deserted silence. Everyone was at least ten minutes away and hours from being done. I would be quick. I pulled off my shorts, and tossed them onto my mini pile of discarded clothing. I needed to be free of the binding obstacles of clothing in my way. I leaned a bit more into the shadows.

Edward had starred in many of my fantasies over the years but there was something exciting about him being so near that prompted my boldness on the first night back. Maybe it was because it was near the lake where he'd looked so at home in. I went back to my original position, flat on my back and explored my body's wet folds with warm fingers. I alternated from pinching and tugging my clit to making a fist and pushing it up against myself, just to feel something harder. My other hand came back up to my mouth where I sucked on my fingers and found its way back under my shirt where I slicked the wetness in between and over my breasts to gripping my breast and pinching a nipple as I imagined it was him who was exploring my body.

"Edward," I mumbled, as I moved my thong further out of the way and slipped one and two fingers inside of me.

"Mmm," I hummed as the fingers slid inside easily and I shifted my hips to try to make them go deeper inside. It wasn't enough, and I didn't have the help of a battery operated sex toy to help me achieve my prize.

"Fuck, come on," I mumbled moving my fingers in and out faster. It would be so much easier if I had something that could give me what I desperately needed. "Edward…. Edward….Edward"


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 28 is UP

Squeeze My Lemon for 12.28.11 is up, featured squeezer Nicia is up on FFN & TWCS. Read, pant, review!

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 28 Teaser

This week we are happy to have a returning squeezer, Nicia. Enjoy her custom banner as her picspiration and her teaser: I giggled at the suggestive tone to his voice and shivered as
his hungry gaze slid over my body once more. "What is that?"

"Take off some of your clothes and I might tell you."

One of his dark eyebrows rose challengingly, but he did as I said; his large
hands sliding up to grasp the hem of his t-shirt before he yanked it up his
body and over his head in one smooth movement.

"Is that better?"

I shook my head sorrowfully, and then grinned. "Normally, I love those jeans.
But now… they need to go."

"And what if I don't?" His voice held a hint of a smile, but his expression
was expectant, teasing.

I toyed with the one of the ends of the bow. "I'd have to shower alone. And
that means you wouldn't get to see what's hidden behi-"

His jeans hit the floor before I finished talking and he stepped forwards
eagerly, his hands replacing mine as he tugged lightly at the ribbon
strategically wrapped around my body in a bow.

"How do you get this off?" His brow wrinkled in confusion as he large fingers
fumbled with the tight knot I'd tied in order to keep the smooth silk from
coming undone.

"That's for you to work out. If you deserve your present, you'll figure it

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 21 Teaser

Squeeze My Lemon this week comes from a collaboration of our own shpwhitney and Duchess Michelle. Enjoy the teaser:
Maybe the liquor was starting to take effect again, or maybe it was just being in such close proximity with him again for the first time in years, but Bella decided she was going to make the first move, even if she wasn't sure what that would be.

Then, just as she took a step towards Edward, she tripped, falling into him and taking him down to the floor with her.

"I'm sor..." she began, but her voice trailed off as she realized the position they were now in. She found herself staring at Edward's lips, and before she had time to think about it, she leaned forward and kissed him.

It started out soft, and tentative, almost hesitant in a way. Even with the charged air that surrounded them, Bella still wasn't sure how Edward would respond after all the years and all the space that had grown between them.

Bella's kiss took Edward by surprise at first, but then he slowly moved his hands to her hips, pulling her closer as they kissed, and he forgot everything but the feel of her in his arms. It was wonderful and sexy and he couldn't get enough of her.

Feeling his enthusiasm, Bella smiled slightly into the kiss as she started to respond just as passionately as Edward. She ground her center against the evident bulge in Edward's pants, soft moans escaping her lips. "Mmm... Edward..."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 14 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 12.14.11 featured squeezer @IamTheAlleyCat is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant review!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 14 Teaser

This week we are extremely excited, and wet from not only the cold shower we have been taking after pre-reading, to have @IamTheAlleyCat writing for us again. She told us, she needed some more time to give us a really good lemon. Hang on to your panties ladies. Enjoy the teaser!

I wanted him. I wanted his hands, his mouth, his body...everything.

“Turn around and close your eyes,” he whispered next to my ear.

I shivered. I didn’t have time to think if this was a smart thing to do. I didn’t have time to feel embarrassed. It was the first time I had heard his voice, and it was as smooth as the touch of his hands. It was absolutely enticing, and I obeyed.

His hands were slightly colder than my skin, and when he touched me—an innocent touch on my knee—I bit down on my lips and moaned as quietly as I could muster. I didn’t want anyone hearing me, but I couldn’t hold in all these emotions.

He gently pulled me down the bed, bringing my legs over his shoulders. He kneeled, and a moment later, I felt those wonderful fingers of his spread me for him in slow passes. It was a play on my fantasy, and I didn’t hold in the cry of pleasure when I felt his mouth—slightly chilly—touch my most sensitive spot. I felt myself arch, and my hands grabbed his head, holding on to the silk strands of his hair as he began licking and lapping and driving me completely beyond reasonable thought.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 7 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 12.07.11, featured squeezer @artemisleaena is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ December 7

This week's squeezer is Artemis Leaena. Do enjoy the teaser!

He was on his knees and his bulging crotch was level with my chest but nowhere near close enough for me to grab hold of – damn it!

As if he could read my mind, a sultry chuckle escaped his perfectly pouty lips and drifted to me over the din surrounding us. When his smoldering jade eyes locked with mine, however, the menagerie of ridiculous displays and myriad screeches faded away and it was if we were the only two souls on the planet, much less the room. By the time he placed his hands on the stage, positioning him on all fours, I was panting and digging my fingers into the wooden railing in front of me. A pulsing ache was forming in my nether region, and my panties were becoming uncomfortably flooded, as my fine-ass man stalked toward me like a mountain lion on the prowl.

When he reached me, he lunged forward and planted a brief, but fierce kiss on my lips and then leaned back onto his haunches. The air was heavy with tension, and I was in danger of scrambling up onto the stage and mounting Edward right here in front of all and sundry.

Edward started crooning along with Justin, “Dirty baby, you see these shackles, baby, I’m your slave …” Edward held his wrists together and out toward me “… I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave. It’s just that no one makes me feel this way.” He swiveled on his knees and dropped back down on all fours with his tight, rounded, wiggling ass right in front of me … so I reached out and swatted him soundly on the right cheek.