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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 07.25.12 Teaser

Our squeezer this week is Louise23. Enjoy the teaser!

"You'll definitely be thanking me once I'm finished with you." Edward says, and then the talking is stopped as he presses his lips against mine. I kiss him back eagerly, and very soon his tongue is pressing against my lips. I open my mouth to him, and I moan into his mouth. As we make out, he presses me even more up against the wall. His hands move from the wall to my breasts, and, yet again, I moan.

He stops kissing me, but only to take off the t-shirt I have to wear. It leaves only my bra underneath, and I'm thankful I wore my confidence bra. It's black and lacy, and makes me feel sexy. Edward seems to appreciate my underwear choice, as his hands return to my breasts, and it feels so good.

"I like, wait, no, love this bra. But, I still think it would look better off." Edward whispers huskily as he unclasps my bra, and throws it to the other side of the room. His lips go straight to my breasts, and I moan again. He is seriously talented at this. Never mind tennis, this, sucking and licking my nipples, should be his new profession.

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Squeeze My Lemon Authors Wanted!

We need squeezers for Squeeze My Lemon! Come practice your lemon writing skills, give in to the pleasure that your words can give our readers. Slots are open and waiting. Let us know if you are interested or if you have a recommendation for us to beg.

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Authors Wanted!

Authors are needed to be our squeezer for Squeeze My Lemon! Send us recs, we love to beg! Dates are open! Contact us!

Squeeze My Lemon ~ 07.04.12 Teaser

We have a returning squeezer this week, Fairusa84! Enjoy her teaser:

Smoldering fireworks

 Smoldering Fireworks

‘Leave the door ajar!’ Charlie called after us as I pulled Edward up the stairs.

‘Yes, Daddy!’ I called back, rolling my eyes, thankful he couldn’t see my reaction.

All day we had been holding back, knowing my parents were close by, knowing we were in a very public place. But I had also known Edward never failed to amaze me with his creative ways around Charlie’s rule – door open, clothes on – during his nights over. Today I had especially been looking forward to coming home, knowing what I had hidden in my dresser as a surprise for Edward.