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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 08.29.12 Teaser

This week we have part 2 to last weeks lemon by @StupidLeeches. Enjoy the teaser! 

Paul didn't say anything as he approached her. He stopped directly in front of her; so close it wouldn't take much for their lips to touch. Just as her brain was processing how close he was, he was gone. Her head dropped to follow his movement; he was kneeling on the porch. She nearly fell over when he lifted one of her feet. Just as she reached for the door jamb to steady herself, his free hand reached up for the shoes she was holding onto.

"Of course not, Black. These are to celebrate your promotion. Or should I say, Special Agent-in-Charge Black."

He gently changed her shoes, handing her the pair she had previously been wearing when he finally stood up again. She was too surprised to take the shoes or even move. "How did you know about that?"

She barely realized he was pushing her back into the foyer to make room for himself. It wasn't until the door closed behind him that she finally woke up from the weird daze she had been in. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

He didn't respond. Instead, he placed the shoes he had removed from her feet on the floor next to the door. Standing up again, he gave her a grin that she recognized. He was proud of himself.

"I may have asked McCarty and Hale to update me on what was going on with you. Once or twice. A week."

Rachel felt her blood start to boil, "You were stalking me?"

His grin got even bigger. She knew he was pushing her buttons, could feel him playing her, but she couldn't stop her irritation with him. This man knew how to rile her up faster than anyone she'd ever met.

"Not stalking, just asking questions, doing some research. You know, being an old-school, chauvinistic pig agent." He shrugged then had the audacity to wink at Rachel, "I had to do something, you were being very stubborn."

"There is nothing wrong with being stubborn," she huffed out. Stepping closer to him, she gave him a proud grin, "Being stubborn got me my promotion."

"True," Paul's arms pulled her tight against him before she could protest, "but it also meant denying yourself this."

And then he was kissing her. His lips felt like heaven against hers; strong and sure. She knew she shouldn't let herself get pulled in, but that was easier said that done. Even as her brain was shouting to push away from him, she sank into his welcoming body. His fingers tugging at her hair made her moan, opening her mouth to him. His tongue slid against hers as she felt his erection against her hip.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 08.22.12 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 08.22.12 with featured squeezer @StupidLeeches is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

Remember that we need you authors to sign up to keep SML going. Please let us know if you would like to signup for any future dates!

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Squeeze My Lemon 08.15.12 Teaser

Our squeezer this week is fighter419, enjoy her teaser! "Bella, are you okay?" I heard Edward call as his face came into view when he knelt beside me.

"Yeah, just great, mostly since I feel like my shoulder got jammed into my neck."

"Well, at least your sarcasm is still intact," he rolled his eyes. "Let me look at it," he told me sitting me up as I reached for my shoulder.

"How do you even know what you're doing?"

"My dad is a doctor, and he's taught me a thing or two. As well as me just learning from all my injuries and falls."

I sat there as his fingers worked and rubbed my shoulder as I bit my lip trying to hold in the moan that was trying to escape.

"Does that hurt?" he asked concern in his voice.

"No, why?"

"Because you're biting your lip as if I'm hurting you and you made a whimpering type noise. So are you sure it's not hurting?"

I felt the heat spread along my cheeks unable to control my annoyingly easy blush. When he said that I couldn't look him in the eyes and I just looked down at the mat as I answered him.

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks," I mumbled getting up and started to walk away but was stalled when a hand gripped my arm and I turned to see Edward standing closer than I thought, just like earlier and almost fell back on my ass again but instead I was pulled towards Edward and he wrapped his arms securely around me. In response I gripped his shoulder and I became even more aware that he was shirtless and I was just wearing a sports bra, and a lot of our skin was touching. I could easily feel his heart beat since I was held flush against him and I'm not sure if it was my lust filled delusions, but I also felt what I imagined was his cock hardening against my stomach.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 08.08.12 Teaser

We beg and we got a squeezer for this week, none other than Pandora's Box is Heavy. Enjoy her teaser: 

"You had all of this stuff in your car?" I ask, setting the laptop in front of him. It dwarfs my old one, even though it's in pieces.

"Yeah. You never know when clumsy authors will need your help," he chuckles.

I do believe Edward Cullen just made a joke.

I sit next to him and watch him get to work. He uses a cord and plugs it into both computers and presses some buttons on the keyboard before a little symbol pops up on both screens.

"This could take a while. You have a lot of music."

"You sound surprised."

"Well, I know you like to use different playlists to set the mood when you're writing," he says, nodding towards my iTunes account. Then his eyes grow wide.

"What? Is it not working?" I panic.

"No… um…" That ever present blush presents itself along the sides of his neck and he adjusts his glasses once again. I lean over and look at the screen trying to find the reason behind his embarrassment and realize what playlist I had open before the coffee accident.

Me So Horny Playlist

"Oh. Well, you don't become a best seller without a little raunchiness," I laugh. "Sex sells in this industry."

He nods and exits out of iTunes. "Jesus Christ."

I almost want to laugh at the way he's acting at the sight of my desktop background. Alice thought it would be funny to take some intimate shots of me in an effort to portray the way I wanted the cover of the final book to come out. I'll admit I was completely against the idea until I saw the way they came out, and they actually inspired me to give justice to the final sex scene before the battle.

It's a collage of me in barely there lingerie of all different colors, but it's not like I look skanky or anything. It was a very tasteful photo shoot.

I can tell he's getting overly uncomfortable, so I feign being tired and head upstairs.

"Goodnight, Edward. If Emmett isn't too hung over I'll take the two of you out to lunch before you head home."

He nods and chokes out a tiny goodnight.

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We are DESPERATE! Squeezers Needed!

We are out of authors signed up for Squeeze My Lemon. If there is anyone out there with something in their stock to offer up for this coming week (08.08.12), that would be awesome. Please come sign up, send us recs, don't let the squeezing end *sniffs*.   :(

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 08.01.12 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 08.01.12 is up on FFN & TWCS! Featuring a classic Wolf squeeze by the lovely and talented combo of @Wolfh00r and @Nicekittyrawr who write together under the penname StupidLeeches. Read, Pant, Review!