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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 06.27.12 Teaser

Our squeezer this week is ContentedTwiCow. Enjoy her teaser: Bella leapt on his back, and he took off at a fast run, darting around trees and over rocks at speeds most living creatures never experienced. Even with her on his back, he was still faster than she could be on her own. It was exhilarating.

Very quickly, they were on the outskirts of the public high school they currently attended. Being the middle of the night, everything was shutdown tight, and pitch black.

"What are we doing here?" Bella had no idea why Edward would bring them to this place.

Bella slid to the ground and then turned to face Edward. He shrugged.

"Haven't you ever wanted to sneak into school at night? A surprising amount of kids do it. There's an absolutely disgusting amount of teenage excrement on the roof of this place."

Bella grimaced. "Thanks hun; I needed that image in my head."

Edward laughed and grabbed her hands. "Come on, it'll be a hoot."

"A hoot?"

"Yeah, you know, fun, a gas, gnarly--all that good stuff."

Bella could only shake her head and smile at her goofy vampire. Even though she knew it was impossible, she'd swear he looked about one hundred years younger right now.

"Okay, Edward. Hmmm, I've got an idea. Let's go to the classroom of the teacher that fantasizes about you the most."

Edward's nose actually wrinkled, and his eyes squinted. "Ugh, why would you want to go there? I wish I could barf right now thinking of that."

"Why? Is it that bad?"

"You'll see."

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 06.20.12 Teaser

Our squeezer this week is none other than Katmom! Enjoy her teaser:

"Are you hungry, love?" Her free hand gestured to the table even as he shook his head no.

He dropped to his knees at her feet. Starting with her ankles he allowed his gaze to wander over her sunlit skin. She shivered when he paused where the honeysuckle was resting. His pupils contracted, leaving her to look into the dark green depths as he raised his eyes to look into hers.

"I don't think I need food just yet, but maybe some nectar would be good…" He placed his hands on her knees and gently eased them apart. Taking the stem of honeysuckle from where it lay, he pinched off one of the flowers and sucked the liquid from the end. It was her turn to swallow hard while she watched him.

"This is sweet, but I know something sweeter…" He tossed the spent bloom away and ran his cheek from her knee, up the inside of her leg and pressed a soft kiss to the dark curls at the juncture of her thighs. As he tasted the wetness there, her gasp made him smile.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 06.13.12 Teaser

This week we have a surprise squeezing and we can’t tell you who or what until Wednesday. But do enjoy the teaser: 

We hold her hands up, like she were a ballerina, and twirl her a bit. When I place my hand on her hip, her soft dress heats up like a fire. Oh, for crushed silk, sensual and beautiful. I’m studying her, and I see her heart is beating like crazy—again, silk is a dead give-away, the soft material trembling in her understated cleavage. Elegance is so much more than designer dresses.

The blush that colors her cheeks is enchanting. She gives my hand a quick squeeze, and then lets go of both of us.

“I am so glad to meet you two, as well,” she says, smiling. “And I am sure we will talk again in a minute or so. But right now, I need to tour this fabulous house and meet all the guests. See you in a little while.”

She picks up her glass of champagne again, just like that. She’s off, but sends us a radiant smile over her shoulder. Yes, we are not done with you just yet, young lady. Oh, no, not at all. You’ll be back. We’ll wait.

I glance over at Jasper, and his look says it all. His mind is made up. It is this girl or nobody, with us tonight.

I couldn’t agree more.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 06.06.12 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 06.06.12 with featured squeezer Lacrimosa Moon @LacrimosaMoon1 is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ 06.06.12 Teaser

Our squeezer this week is Lacrimosa Moon. Enjoy the teaser!
I continued to push myself into her back, creating a delicious friction.

"I need to feel you on me," she said as she tugged on the spaghetti straps of her camisole. It slid down her arms, revealing pink flesh.  

I groaned at the sight. Unable to hold myself back any longer, I whipped her around to face me and sunk my mouth over her nipple. I sucked and pulled, delighting in the exquisite, salty taste of her skin.

Her fingers tangled into my hair, pulling me closer to her chest. And then she tensed for a moment as if something was off.

I stopped. "Bella?"

She ran her hands over my forehead, down my nose, and across my cheeks as if reading my face. A sly smile crept over her face, and her hands crawled down to my jeans and tugged the zipper.

She knew.

Quickly, I tore off my clothes before turning my attention to her camisole, quickly ridding Bella of it. Picking her up, I laid her on the bed and lifted her hands over her head. Using the material, I began to tie them to the bedpost. "Still want to play?"