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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 31 Teaser

This week's squeeze is @PlzFangMe PlzFangMe. She has a lovely teaser for us as well as a picture prompt that makes us wish we were the object in this picture:  “Hello, Edward.  Are you ready to begin?”  Shy Bella suddenly didn’t seem as shy as she took my hand and lead me into the kitchen.  “I think we should get started with a bit of a taste testing exercise.  I need to know just how developed your palate is.”  She sat me down on the stool and took one of the linen napkins and tied it around my eyes.  I sat there feeling suddenly very vulnerable and excited at the same time.  It felt like my senses were suddenly heightened.  I could hear puttering around the kitchen as she collected whatever she was using for our little lesson.  Minutes or hours could have passed as I waited for Bella to return to me.

“Tell me Edward.  Do you prefer savory, spicy, sour or sweet?  What makes your tongue happy?”    I opened my mouth to answer and her finger popped in it instead, coated with something thick and sticky.  “Suck it off, Edward.”

My cock suddenly sprang to life as I immediately did as I was told.  I sucked at her finger and ran my tongue around, tasting the thick substance.  Sweet, earthy… “Uh- Honey?”

“MmmmHmmm…”  She pulled her finger all too quickly from my mouth, “Let’s try this one.  Open up, big boy…”  This time she placed some kind of powder on my tongue… it wasn’t sweet at all and slightly spicy but still mild, I recognized it… “Uh… Cinnamon…?”  I asked.

“Yes.  Let’s try this one.” Something granular touched my tongue and I instantly smiled, “Easy, sugar.”  I said.  “Very good Edward but I want to try something.  Open up..."

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Congratulations Winners!

Two of our very own cheeky monkeys, shpwhitney & chartwilightmom are proud to be winners in the TwiGirls School's Out for Summer One Shot Contest. Their collaboration, What A Trip It's Been placed 3rd in the public vote
as well as captured one of the two judges choice 

Make sure to check out all of the entries for 
School's Out for Summer. Congratulations monkeys!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 24 Teaser

We begged and got a squeezer for this week, SqueakyZorro @SqueakyZorro. Here is her picture prompt that is her banner as well. This is an outtake from her one shot called I Possessed My Lover in the Garden, that she wrote for Fandom4SAA. And here is her teaser: Her hands dipped to his waistline and started to stray lower, and without conscious thought, his hands lifted to stop her. He wanted—no, needed—to give to her, to return some small measure of the devotion she was showing him.
Confused by his actions, she looked at him questioningly. “Don't you want to...?” She trailed off, hesitant to put her question into words.
He reassured her, “Oh, I want. Just not that—not yet, anyway.” His smile turned wolfish. “I think I'm hungry, after all.”
Still a little perplexed, she turned as if to enter the house. He kept her hand and pulled her back to him. “No, not food. You look a lot more appetizing to me right now.” He tugged until she was pressed against him, and then he kissed her lingeringly. His hands slipped underneath her camisole to stroke her back, edging around to gently brush the sides of her breasts. She moaned, running her hands over his shoulders.
He moved his lips to her ear, growling, “I'm going to feast on you. Would you rather go inside or stay here in the lilies?”
Feeling almost dazed, she smiled back at him. “We seem to like the garden, don't we?”
He turned serious for a moment. “Because we're part of nature, part of the cycle of growth. We become part of the beauty.” Touched beyond words, she framed his face with her hands and gently kissed him.
“Here,” she murmured against his lips.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 17 Teaser

Squeeze My Lemon squeezer this week is @Drotuno drotuno. Here is her picture prompt and a teaser: "I can still buy you your own house, Bella," Edward stated, the silly, sexy smirk now falling from his face as he studied my expression. He'd never admit it, but he hated it when he couldn't hear my mind.

"I know," I said, cupping his handsome face and smiling. "Thank you, baby, but it's better for this town that the 'kids' live under one roof. Don't you think?"

He grimaced, but finally acquiesced with a nod. "I suppose."

I could tell by the look on his face that he was not saying everything on his mind, but I knew him really well. Opening my thoughts to him, I smirked. What's the matter, handsome? You miss letting Dirty Edward have free range?

I held onto the best secret in the world. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – a vampire well in his hundreds, my sweet husband, and a true and proper gentleman – had the dirtiest, sexiest, most toe-curling mouth that ever uttered a single word. And no one knew it but me. It was a secret that we kept from everyone – his family, most of all. It was a secret I planned on keeping for the rest of our existence together.

He snorted into a laugh. "Perhaps. There was a bit more...freedom at our own house."

I chuckled, brushing his damp hair off of his forehead so I could place a long, slow kiss there. "Yes... Yes, there was. I'm sure he'll break out as soon as the coast is clear."

He grinned up at me as I stood up from the bed. It was sexy and crooked and radiated all sorts of naughty things. "You think so, sweet girl?"

"If he doesn't, then I'm sending out a search party, Edward," I laughed, starting to head to the bathroom, but he stopped me, picking up my hand to place a kiss to my wedding ring – his mother's ring, and something I never, ever took off.

He sat up on the bed, swinging his legs to the floor so he could tug me to stand between them. Several years of marriage to the man at my fingertips wasn't long enough to get used to his beauty. He was just gorgeous as he leaned in to give his immortal scar just above my breast a sweet kiss. It was over my heart, and I swear every time his lips touched it, my body still felt a faint, ghostly thump-thump.

"A search party would attract...attention, my beautiful girl," he snickered as he set his chin on my stomach in order to gaze up at me. His eyes darkened just a bit as his hands glided sensually up and down my bare back.

"True," I said, taking his hands from around my waist and giving his wedding band a quick turn. I was just about to place his hands where I really wanted them, but I'd forgotten that the pixie was on school patrol duty.

"Oh no you don't!" Alice warned from from the bottom of the stairs. "We'll be late, Isabella Marie! Get your asses out of bed!"

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 10 Teaser

@EmilyBowdn is our squeezer this week. Enjoy her picture prompt that she brought and her teaser: “Where are we going?” I ask, delight and excitement in my tone.

“Somewhere I can take advantage of you,” Edward replies, his voice dripping sex.

“Baby, you can take me anytime, anywhere.”

Edward wags his eyebrows, a wide grin spreading across his gorgeous face. He drives down a dirt road, acres of forest surrounding us on both sides. I look around us, my anticipation growing as I try to figure out where he has taken me.

A light cloud of dust surrounds us as he stops; the silent serenity of the forest is all I can here. It's broken by the soft click of Edward's seat belt release, and then I feel nothing but his lips on my neck.

“Mmmm,” I moan, encouraging his lavishing mouth by placing my hand behind his head, my own tilting to welcome his attention. His tongue peeks out, tracing along my collar bone, down to were the top of my shirt begins.

“Take your clothes off,” he demands low and heady, making me breathless. I love the sound of need on his voice.

“Did you bring a blanket?” I ask.

“Won't need one,” he mumbles against my skin. His hands are busy ridding me of my shirt. I guess he feels I'm taking too long, and he wants my bare flesh against his.

He slowly releases the buttons from the front of my flannel, each one feels like a tease, a torment, making my body heat as each small circle passes through their paired hole. His mouth follows the path of my parting shirt, revealing the pale skin beneath. 

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ August 3

This week we have busymommy squeezing us. Enjoy the teaser that she has given us: Unable to refuse her, I scooped her up, struggling to my feet in the wet sand. I claimed her mouth with mine, my tongue caressing hers, while I walked into the crashing waves. Once I reached waist deep water, I let her body slide down me, pulling her hips up against my throbbing erection. She kissed me once more, before pushing away to dive under the swells moving in. She surfaced a few feet further out, her dark hair almost ebony under the waning sun. My beautiful water nymph. I dove under and swam out to meet her, my hand wrapping around her ankle and pulling her under. We both surfaced together, Bella’s seductive laugh swept away on the ocean winds.
We swam together, our bodies slipping across each other, our touches becoming bolder with each pass. Gliding up behind her, I slid my fingers under the thin fabric of her panties, teasing across her silken skin, before pushing the wisp of fabric down her legs. I felt her sharp intake of breath, her body melting against mine. My lips blazed a trail across her shoulder, up her neck, to whisper in her ear.
“You sure you want to swim?”