Sunday, April 25, 2010

Okay so you guys are logging on to this blog and thinking ‘What in the hell is a Dirty Cheeky Monkey?’ And for those of you who follow both Jen and I you would have no doubt seen us use the phrase many times or its abbreviation- DCM.

A Dirty Cheeky Monkey is a person or let’s face it in this case- woman who is not scared to admit she has a sexual and sensual side to her and is not too shy to have illuminating and sometimes stimulating conversations with twitter or real life friends.

A true Dirty Cheeky Monkey has a somewhat naughty little mind and will often turn the most innocent of conversations into something that would make our grandmothers blush and mutter something about the ‘youth of today’.

You don’t have to be a sexual deviant or a closet sadist or anything resembling that (although you BDSM guys are totally welcome and that shit is hot!)

We all know that FF can get a little picky about the content on the site at times so this is an outlet for you to unleash and discuss your innermost Robward desires or K-stew if thats your thing- hey no judgement!- I’d tap that! :)

Post the thoughts you can’t or are to scared to on Twitter- what is it you really would want Rob to do with those long fingers of his? I can think of at least twenty things off the top of my head!

I am a filthy minded little monkey as is Jen and we would love nothing more then to encourage you to expand and take your smut and lemon writing skills to new delicious heights- with contests, challenges and DCM discussions.