Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 27 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 07.27.11 is UP on ffn and TWCS. Hang onto your panties on this one, read, pant, review!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 27

NSFW! Squeeze My Lemon is saved this week by DreamQuill (formally CitizenCullen25). And from the looks of the picture prompt that she sent us, we are in for another panty dripper! And here is a teaser that she offered as well:
Edward Cullen’s Weekday Schedule:

·         5:30   AM        Wake up

·         6:00   AM        Running and exercise

·         7:00   AM        Shower and get dressed

·         7:30   AM`      Eat breakfast and Misc.

·         8:30   AM        Arrive at office

·         12:00 PM        Lunch

·         12:30 PM        Answer personal emails

·         5:00   PM        End workday

·         5:30   PM        Errands

·         6:00   PM        Watch television or play X-Box

·         7:00   PM        The Bella Hour

·         8:00   PM        Dinner and reading

·         9:00   PM        Morning preparation

·         9:30   PM        Feed the fish and lock up

·         10:00 PM        Sleep

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 20

We are squeezed this week by Nolebucgrl who is teasing is causing us to twitch in our seats: @Nolebucgrl
His fingers stilled on the keys and I pulled back and looked at him. "I knew I was as well. This song is us, Edward, captured perfectly."

He smiled and kissed me softly. "It's easy to capture my love for you in song. It bursts out of me every time I look at you."

My heart flipped in my chest and I cupped his face in my hands. "I may not be able to write you a song, but I couldn't love you any more if I tried."

His lips met mine again, harder, hungrier this time. I moaned and ground myself against him. His hands cupped my ass and pulled me as close as he could get.

"You're wearing entirely too many clothes," I complained, pushing his jacket off his shoulders and loosening his tie.

"I usually try to reserve my naked piano playing for when my wife's awake."

I laughed as I tossed his tie across the room and started unbuttoning his shirt. "You've never played the piano for me naked," I pointed out, pouting slightly over that fact.

"An oversight that clearly needs to be corrected posthaste." He grinned at me as I pushed his shirt open. Dear God, but he was magnificent. A light smattering of hair dusted his perfectly defined chest, a musical scale tattoo that depicted the note B over his heart that he'd gotten for me after we'd gotten engaged, sculpted abs from early mornings spent in the gym. My husband was one sexy man and he was all mine.

His lips moved across my jaw and dropped down to my neck as I reached underneath his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. I squeezed them as his tongue licked along the curve of my shoulder, his teeth scraping against me. Just like in my dream. A soft moan escaped me and he nipped my neck lightly.

"I'm starting to feel inspired," he murmured against my skin, his hands moving up my back and coming around to rest on my aching breasts. My already hard nipples tightened further as his long fingers began to roll and tug them lightly.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 13 Teaser

NSFW! This week we are very excited to have TexasBella writing for us. And there is a bonus with the teaser this week, a fuckhot banner, grrr! Here your teaser: I’d just taken the last drag of my cigarette when I heard the moaning.  Unable to restrain myself, I’d stepped up to the large picture window of my neighbor’s unit.  There were no curtains.  No lights were on inside.  Thinking I’d imagined it, I turned to leave and heard it again.  I spun back around and put my face up against the glass.
Traces of moonlight filtered into the room and danced across her naked form.  She was sitting in the middle of her living room floor with her back to the window.  She was leaning back on one elbow, her head dropped back causing all that thick hair to pool on the ground behind her, eyes squeezed shut.  Her rose colored nipples were hard and pointing towards the ceiling as her free hand was moving rapidly between her legs.
I knew I should leave; that it was wrong to stand here and watch her uninvited.  But why the fuck was she doing this in her living room with no curtains if she didn’t enjoy the idea of someone possibly seeing?  I palmed my dick through my jeans and groaned.
What if she doesn’t realize that I’ve moved in and she’s no longer alone?
The southern gentleman in me almost won out as I once again turned to leave.  I stopped dead in my tracks when she cried out and I clearly heard MY name fall from her lips in the throes of her orgasm.
Astonished, I looked back into the window.  She was now sprawled out, spread eagle, on her living room floor and though her eyes were still closed, I could see all of her face and I knew it was her.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 13

Squeeze My Lemon on July 13 welcomes TexasBella. Not only does she have a teaser for us but her own video tease! Click here to view! BTW~the video is very NSFW.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 6 Teaser

Here is a teaser from this week's SML written by Dellaterra: "Oh, Emmett," she breathed, taking in his warm scent, the feel of his muscles under her hand, the delicate kisses that were growing more insistent, his moan when she responded to them.

With a look of wonder in her eyes, she attempted to make sense of it all, but she was overwhelmed, her head spinning with confusion and desire. There had never been a moment of tenderness such as this in any of their films. After all this time, after all that fucking, they were... making love.

With one finger he traced her cheek, then lifted her head and pushed the pillows to the side, preferring to cradle her head with his arm instead. It had been one of his favorite poses during the day and Jacob had taken hundreds of photos of them like this. He basked in the feel of his slim, muscular hips between her thighs, his tight abs against hers, his smooth chest against the softness of her breasts. They still wore the utilitarian, yet sexy, underwear they'd been hired to promote, but they barely noticed it between them.

She reached around and pulled him closer in an embrace that left her breathless with his full weight upon her, his warmth igniting a fire deep in her belly. She spread her legs wider as she felt the pressure increase from his hips, his erection pushing against her insistently. No porno fluffer needed here.

She sighed as she thought about all the ways she'd seen him wield his beautiful cock during the past year – ever the swordsman, never the lover. She didn't think he had it in him to be one, didn't think he was capable of putting aside his emotional armor long enough to let anyone in. She couldn't explain it yet; maybe she'd never be able to. But now everything was different.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Squeeze My Lemon ~ July 6

Squeeze My Lemon on July 6 is written by Dellaterra, who has been waiting patiently and submitted her story a month ago. She provided us with a summary to go along with her picture prompt. At the end of a long photo shoot, two porn stars are left exposed in ways they never expected. Written for the Dirty Cheeky Monkeys' “Squeeze My Lemon” writing challenge. AH, rated M.