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Squeeze My Lemon February 29 Teaser

This week we have BellaClary squeezing us. Enjoy the teaser:
His lips slid across my collarbone, his hot breath tickling me. I could hear my breathing getting heavier, I hated how it betrayed just how turned on I was. He placed soft kisses as he moved, using just enough pressure for me to feel it but I craved more. He was incredibly good at this, I had to admit.  There was a part of me that wanted him to be forceful and rough with me. I wanted to feel him shove me against a wall or throw me onto the bed. I wanted him to consume me.

I felt his teeth graze my shoulder and I moaned. Before I could think about how embarrassing it was I heard a low growl fall from his lips. He must be enjoying this just as much as me.

His lips made their way up higher and the kisses got deeper and wetter.  He dragged his tongue along my jaw and I shivered at the contact. I wanted to kiss him, feel his warm breath mingle with mine.  I had never been aroused this much by kissing before; I could feel my wetness soaking my lace thong.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ February 22 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 02.22.12 featured squeezer @britchick1969 is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ February 22 Teaser

We are blushing this week with our returning squeezer, britchick69 @britchick1969. Enjoy the teaser:

With a feather light touch, she stroked the contours of my neck down, following the lines of my collar bone and then down the centre of my chest; my eyes closed in response. She swept along the underside of my breasts, my skin erupted in goose bumps, then making circular motions with one finger ending at my nipple, by the time she’d finished, my buds were tight and aching for her attention. I watched as she held each of my breasts in her hands, massaging them, rolling my nipples around between her finger and thumb. My hands reached out and took Alice’s pert breasts into my own hands, I matched her movements, massaging and tweaking her nipples, I watched as goose bumps broke out across the surface of her skin, making her nipples tighten further, I needed to feel them in my mouth.

“Fuck, Alice, I need to suck them.” She moaned slightly at my words, I dipped my head and flicked her erect peak with my tongue before sucking her gently into my mouth, my finger and thumb never left her other, I swopped over to pay equal attention to the other side. She groaned at my actions, my body responded with building excitement.

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Spring Squeezing ~ Signups End Tomorrow

Reminder that the last day to signup for Spring Squeezing Contest is tomorrow 02.14.12. Go checkout all the picture and word prompts, and signup today!

Squeeze My Lemon ~ February 15 Teaser

 This week we have something unique, a classic lemon that needs new love. Written by the fabulous Mrs. Cope, enjoy the teaser:
"Well, Bella, you're probably wondering why someone as handsome and muscular as myself is still single and on a blind date. It's a long, sad story."
Bella's teeth bit into the side of cheek as she tried to focus on what he was saying. She could feel her attention pulling her through the booth, back to the table behind her where the beautiful man still sat. She smiled weakly at her date.
"I was married once, you should know that right up front. I was an exceptional husband, tried to give her everything. But what I didn't know is that she planned to take everything," Jacob went on, his voice loud and grating. "I won't say bad things about her, but I will say this: she gives female dogs a bad name, if you know what I mean."
"How long were you – "
"I don't hold it against women, they can't help it," he went on. Bella slumped in her seat. It was clear this was Mr. All-About-Me, another night wasted. She tried to shrink into the vinyl of the booth as heads turned, giving dirty looks to the incredibly loud annoyance. "Women have their times of the month, I know that, but she, well, let's just say she had it in reverse; she was only pleasant one or two days a month. Even my mother, saint that she is, didn't like her. Mama said the day my ex-monster came to live with us, 'That girl is no good.'"
"And no one's ever going to be good enough for him," a musical voice said from behind her. She shot bolt upright in astonishment. She knew that voice; it was the beautiful man who was directly behind her. Her face was stunned into a mask of surprise, her eyes wide and the corners of her mouth turning up slightly. "Not even someone was as lovely and vivacious as you."
Bella blinked and tried to swallow the excitement that stole her breath. "Well, Mama was right. She always is. When I was a little boy, she said 'Jacob,' she said, 'You're going to go far.' She was right about that, too. I mean, look at me! I'm a self-made man. I started at the bottom, washing cars at Victory Volkswagen, and now I'm a consultant for auto repairs. If all goes as scheduled, I'll be promoted next month to head consultant, and then we'll see what's what. Yeah, I'm a catch, but I'm willing to take a chance tonight with you."
"Chance my ass. He's lucky to even see you, if he's seeing you at all," the voice cooed. "If I were at your table, I'd know I was the luckiest man in the world. We wouldn't waste time with words; they wouldn't be necessary. You'd see the light in my eyes."

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ February 8 is UP!

Squeeze My Lemon featured squeezer @dreamquill for 02.08.12 is up on FFN & TWCS! Read, pant, review!

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ February 8 Teaser

Our squeezer this week is @dreamquill She gave us a title and a little summary of her squeezing: Title: Tabhair póg dom (Kiss Me)

Summary: Edward Cullen is a voracious vampire with a sexual heat that can't be sated. Physical Therapist Bella Swan just became his latest prey, Will she try to escape or give in to the beast?

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Spring Squeezing Writing Contest

Why bring in the spring season sorting through last season’s clothes or washing windows when you can be writing fanfic? We want you to create a story to celebrate the coming of warmer temperatures, smaller clothing, flowers in bloom, and love in the air!

The contest is anonymous and will occur in two parts:
1) Choose your prompt pair (1 picture and 1 word prompt) by 02/14 (Valentine’s Day) and submit the entry form with your choices and other entry information. Prompts are posted on the DCM blog (linked below and on entry form), or you can choose your own “wild card” prompts. Remember to provide us with that information though.
You can find the prompts here Spring Squeezing Contest
You can find the signup from here Spring Squeezing Sign Up Form

2) Submit your entry by 03/13, so that gives you a month to be inspired by those prompts and write whatever your heart desires!
Important Contest Dates
02/14 – Deadline for choosing prompts and submitting the entry form. Remember, prompts can either be chosen from those listed on the DCM blog or those chosen by you as a “wild card” entry.
03/01 to 03/13 – Submit your story. Stories must be submitted in their final form (beta’d with appropriate heading) by 03/13, 11:59 pm EST.
03/16 to 03/19 – Popular Voting and Judges' Voting will take place.
03/20 - Winners revealed (First day of Spring!) on the DCM blog and twitter.
Winning Categories
- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place public vote
- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd judges vote
- Category wins for Most Romantic, Steamiest, Best HEA, and Most Creative voted by judges
Note: Winner categories are subject to possible change or addition at the discretion of the judges and contest hosts.
Note: One story may win more than one award.

Contest Prizes
- All winners will be announced on Dirty Cheeky Monkeys’ (DCM) blog.
- Winners will have the option to have their stories posted as a part of the Squeeze My Lemon series hosted by DCM (details on entry form).
- 1st place public and judges’ vote receive a personalized banner for a story of their choice, a first place contest winner banner, an author profile on the DCM blog, and a gift package.
- 2nd place public and judges’ vote receive a personalized banner for a story of their choice, a 2nd place contest winner banner, and an author profile on the DCM blog.
- 3rd place public and judges’ vote receive a 3rd place contest winner banner and an author profile on the DCM blog.
- All special category winners will receive a contest banner for that specific category.

Meet Our Judges!
- Saritadreaming: Author of fanfic stories Speak Now and I Want It Painted Black, as well as her own original fiction. Beta and active member of Twi Girls Next Door and Free Writers and Readers.
- Iamthealleycat: Author of fanfic stories When The Twilight Never Comes and To Love My Enemy. Beta and pre-reader for Sparkly Red Pen.
- Germanakice/Mary-Alice-Brandon-Cullen: Author of fanfic stories Against All Odds and The Other Side of Tomorrow. Beta and pre-reader.
- KeyeCullen: Pre-reader and Administrator for Free Writers and Readers.

Rules (Please read!):
Important! Please Read: This contest is ANONYMOUS
- Do NOT disclose the name/title of your entry or your prompts (picture and word).
- Do NOT post your entry or your prompts on any of your twilight fanfiction profiles (FFn, Twilighted, FWAR, TWCS, etc.) until AFTER the winners have been announced.
- Do NOT pimp any individual entries. This includes: twitter, author notes in other stories, forums, etc.
- Please do not “hint” or create an unfair advantage in any way. Do not hint at your prompts, pairing, plot scenario or location, etc. Refrain from doing ANYTHING that would provide readers a way to link author to the entry.
- Please pimp the contest as a whole as much as you can!
- Word count limits (not including A/N and header): A minimum of 2,000 words for drabble-type entries and 3,000 words for traditional O/S entries. A maximum of 20,000 words for both drabbles and O/S entries.
- Collaborations are acceptable. One entry per collaboration team/pairing is allowed.
- Each individual participating author may submit as many entries as they like.
- Submissions may not be previously published works, continuations of previously published works, or outtakes from current stories.
Please Read: Normal content restrictions apply: No pedophilia, bestiality (unless AU wolves), necrophilia (unless AU vamps), rape for titillation, etc. Entries deemed inappropriate will not be accepted.
- All Twilight characters are eligible.
- All pairings are eligible
- AH, AU, Canon are all acceptable and encouraged!

 Submission Instructions
- Submissions will be accepted between March 01, 2012 and March 13, 2012 (closes at 11:59 EST).
- Submissions should be sent as doc, doc.x, or in body of email to, with subject line: Contest Entry. Also include Prompt numbers (Pic and word), or links/copies of your pic and word prompts if you chose the “wild card” option.
- Submissions must be beta'd. Any submissions that are received with an abundance of spelling or grammar errors will be sent back for review, and if received right at the deadline, they may not be published. Beta services can be found using Sparkly Red Pen, Project Team Beta, and Emergency Beta Service. If you are unable to find a beta, please contact us in advance of the deadline (at least two weeks) with a note that you need it beta'd, and we will try to set you up with someone. Once we set you up, it is your responsibility to communicate with that person.
- Questions should be directed to the above email address, via PM through this fanfiction account, or via DM through the Twitter account (@SpringSqueezing). Submissions will be posted to THIS profile once reviewed.
Repeat: Do NOT post your one-shot to your profile until AFTER the contest is over. This is an anonymous contest. Please respect your fellow authors and keep it that way.
Please include the following header with your submission:
Contest: Spring Squeezing Fanfiction Contest
FFN profile web address(es):
Twitter address(es) (if applicable):
Prompt Numbers (Write “wild card” if you submitted your own):
Link to prompts:
Word Count (minus A/N, header):
Summary (250 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation):
Character and/or Pairing (will be added to one-shot unless advised otherwise by author):
Warnings and Disclaimer(if applicable):
Now go have a look at our prompts, submit those entry forms, and get to writing!

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