Monday, November 29, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon Teaser ~ Dec 1

Jenny0719 chose a redhot pic prompt for this week's entry. It's an outtake from her fic 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved'. Here's your tease:
Just when I was about to throw my clothes back on and leave, the door opened to reveal a very surprised, very pleased Edward. I stood in place and brought my thumb to my lips, biting down on it nervously as I waited for his reaction.

A thrill coursed through me as his eyes roamed by body, darkening as they slowly inched downward. He took in every bit of exposed flesh and let out a breath as soon as he reached my shoes. Jesus fucking God, the look on his face—the rapture, the need—left me wanting, ready… wet.

"Christ, baby," he murmured huskily, reaching behind him and locking the door. "You look so fucking-"

"Ridiculous?" I finished for him, my eyes darting around the room for my discarded street clothes. "It was stupid; I shouldn't have-"

"Isabella." The tone of his voice was enough to stop my idiotic rambling. I chanced a look at him and saw him smirking. "I was going to say 'sexy'."

"Oh." Heat rose to my cheeks, and a delighted smile instantly crossed my lips. "Yeah?"

"God, yes," he answered, coming toward me. The moment he could, he reached out and cupped the back of my neck, gently pulling me toward him. "I really hope you had something in mind and aren't simply teasing me," he said, staring at me intensely.

"I had something in mind," I answered coyly, wrapping the blue, striped silk tie around my hand to bring him even closer. "It involves you naked… with the exception of this tie."

He licked his lips and took another step, pressing me against the vanity. It was cold against my bare thighs, but I ignored it as I anticipated that first touch, the electricity behind it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon Teaser ~ Nov 24

Start your panting now, here is the teaser for the Squeeze My Lemon entry coming from Sydney Alice on Wednesday.

My body trembled as he wrapped his hands around each of my wrists and slowly lifted them above my head. My breaths came in short gasps as his fingers laced with mine and he pressed his body against me. Slowly, he leaned close, nuzzling my nose with his.

"You drive me insane," Edward whispered darkly, his voice laced with hunger.

"I don't mean to," I whispered lamely as his breath tickled my face. A shiver ran through me as I watched his tongue moisten his bottom lip.

He's going to kiss me. He can't kiss me. If he kisses me, I'll lose every ounce of self-control I have left.

"God, do you have any idea what you do to me?"

I turned my head just before his lips touched mine. His warm mouth brushed my cheek instead, and the feel of his lips against my skin caused me to whimper.

"Look at me," he commanded softly.

Resigned to my fate, I slowly turned my face toward this.

"What do you want, Edward?" I whispered weakly.

Edward's eyes softened as they gazed into mine.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon Teaser ~ Nov 17

Prepare yourself for Wednesday when you will get to read from the deliciously wicked mind of luvrofink's Hi Honey I'm Home:

I could feel her nipples harden under the apron and her dress. Her body had always been so responsive to me. She slowly turned in my arms, her mouth brushing against my jaw before her lips connected with mine. Isabella opened her mouth and slid her tongue against my lips, begging for entrance which I gladly gave. Soft, sensual strokes passed over my tongue as she kissed me, her nimble fingers tugging at my hair.

"Mmmm, missed you," she mumbled as her mouth pulled away from mine.

I pressed my hands into her lower back, bringing her stomach into contact with my arousal, showing her just how much I had missed her as well.

"I've been waiting all day for my dessert. I'd like to have it now," I purred as my arms encircled her thin waist.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon ~ Dec. 29

Um, WOW!
We have our first author to bring her own picture to the project. On Dec. 29, we will find out what Kimmydonn with write about.

Squeeze My Lemon ~ Nov 10 IS UP!

Make sure to read this week's posting by laduphine entitled Five

Monday, November 8, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon Teaser ~ Nov 10

Squeeze My Lemon will post on Wednesday & here is the naughty teaser from laduphine's Dirty, Southern And On Top:

"There you are," I say sweetly as I enter the bedroom.

"Come here," he's standing at the far end of the room next to the window with this forearms on top of his head. He usually stands this way when he's pondering something. I wonder if he's deciding if he should leave the blinds open or close them. Because right now, if he were to fuck me, the whole city would see. His t-shirt raises and his jeans are slung low so I can see the faint trail of hair that disappears into his button-fly. I adore that soft trail of hair. I want to lick it.

I approach him and stand right in front of him. He's going to kiss me now, I can feel it. He cocks his head to the side and winks at me. He's incredibly flirtatious, but fully in control of the situation.

He nods towards the wall. "Face the wall and put your hands up."

I narrow my eyes at him, silently asking what the hell he's talking about. His eyes grow dark with a tint of anger when I don't act immediately to his request.

"Face. The. Wall. And. Put. Your. Hands. Up."

~This is the picture prompt that inspired her

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon ~ Dec. 22

We are THRILLED that our Dec. 22 slot has been scheduled with a collaboration between jarkin33phoebes.promise They have chosen this teasing picture. Oh baby!

The Wayward Pushers

The lovies over at The Wayward Pushers posted a little nugget about Squeeze My Lemon.
Click here to read!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon ~ Dec. 15

We are pleased to announce that our Dec. 15 slot has been taken by verucasin. She has chosen this beautiful black and white photo .UNF! Careful with those, they look like they could cut some glass.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon Tease ~ Nov 3

It tease time. Vampiremama has whipped up a wicked lemon for our first posting on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Here is a tease from her OS entitled:  Behind the Looking Glass

“Is there anything special you’d like me to do?” she purred.

“Actually,” he replied, “I’d like you to lie down.”

The blonde looked around but saw nothing to lie down on, so she moved to the floor. Edward stood over her and pointed the camera down at her; he clicked a couple pictures and then smiled.

“That’s better.” He sunk to the floor next to her, and before she knew it, he was crawling up her body; her heart started racing at the thought of what might be coming.