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Spring Squeezing Banners!

The very talented banner maker, Beegurl, finished up all the banners for the contest winners.

Squeeze My Lemon ~ March 28 Teaser

This week we have a returning squeezer, Nicia bring us some more Vampire Academy loving. Enjoy the teaser:

On my way down the corridor someone stepped out from the toilet and almost bumped into me.

“Hey, wa-” My angry retort cut off as my gaze lifted up, and up, and up, until I met the chocolate brown eyes of the guy I’d been eying up earlier that morning. “Oh.”

“I’m sorry.” He bent down gracefully and handed me the shopping bag I’d dropped before standing back up again. “I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

My eyes widened as my interest grew. He had an accent. I wasn’t sure where it was from, but he definitely wasn’t English, Canadian, American or Australian. A flirty grin crept onto my lips as I took my bags from his outstretched hand, jumping slightly when a small electric spark shocked me as our fingers touched.

Say something!

“That’s ok.” I grinned. “Maybe you can make it up to me somehow.”

It wasn’t my best line, but it seemed to do the job as his eyes lit up with definite interest.

“I’d love to. But,” He glanced at his watch. “I have an appointment right now. I’m filling in for Dr. Zeklos. If you leave your details with the receptionist at the front desk, I’d be more than happy to call you straight after and make arrangements.”

My spirits lifted, and then my stomach dropped.

He was filling in for Ivan. My gynecologist. And I was supposed to be his next appointment. I couldn’t have him looking at my lady parts if I wanted to get down and dirty with him.

“Sure.” My voice was practically a squeak as I turned on my heel and almost ran back to the waiting room.

The receptionist glanced up as I approached the front desk. “I need to make a new appointment.”

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Authors Wanted/Needed ~ Squeeze My Lemon

We are in need of authors to sign up for Squeeze My Lemon. If you know of any that you wish us to beg, send us their name. We get on our knees and everything. We have a need to fill our calendar with writers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Squeezing Contest ~ Winners!

And the winners are....

Judges Vote

We have a 2-way tie for
1st Place

Sink or Swim by Velvetvictorian

Permanent Press by Readingmama/Vampiremama

We have a 3-way tie for
2nd Place

A Kiss by Gnomea

Just a Kiss by collab: Untamed00notbroken and Nicia

My Sexy Pantie Man by Jessicanov201

Public Vote

1st Place
My Sexy Pantie Man by Jessicanov201

2nd Place
Sink or Swim by Velvetvictorian

3rd Place
Permanent Press by Readingmama/Vampiremama

Judges Categories

Best HEA ~ GermanAkice
A Kiss by Gnomea

Steamiest ~ IamTheAlleyCat
Just a Kiss by collab: Untamed00notbroken and Nicia

Most Creative ~ SaritaDreaming
Sink or Swim by Velvetvictorian

Most Romantic ~ KeyeCullen
A Kiss by Gnomea


Thank you to all the participants who took the time to submit an entry.
Thank you to all the readers for reading, reviewing and voting.
And special thanks to our judges and banner makers for taking time out of their crazy days to help us judge and provide prizes for these entries. We appreciate your help.

Banners will be posted as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Squeeze My Lemon ~ March 21 Teaser

We are very happy to have Fairusa84 to be squeezing us this week! Enjoy the teaser:

Wordlessly, he takes his blanket and ties it around the bunk, creating a private cubicle. Raising the corner, he motions me inside and climbs in after me, both of us kicking off our flipflops. We kiss and touch and feel for the longest time, and I marvel at the way my body reacts to him. It’s like it knows him, and he knows exactly where to touch to drive me crazy. Aching to feel more, I reach for the button of his shorts, but he grabs my wrist, halting my movement. I open my eyes and look at him questioningly. In answer, he rolls me over till I’m on my back, and kisses me hard. He props himself up on one arm and lets his free hand roam down my body until he finds the hem of my white cotton dress, inching it up.
Pulling away from my mouth, he buries his head in the crook of my neck and whispers, ‘You’re killing me, looking all sweet and innocent like that. But you’re quite the vixen, aren’t you?’
With that, he gently bites my earlobe, causing me to gasp at both the sensation and his words. He pushes my dress up and over my head and flings it to the foot of the bed, leaving me in my panties. His lips kiss their way south as he massages my breasts. By the time he’s ghosting kisses across my stomach, I’m a panting mess, lifting my hips, desperate for friction.
‘Hold very still,’ he murmurs against my skin, so low I’m straining to make out the words.

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Spring Squeezing Contest ~ TIME TO VOTE!

The entries are in and up for your reading! Time to go vote! Click here to link to our FFN page.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ March 14 IS UP!

Squeeze My Lemon for 03.14.12 featured squeezer BellaClary @teamhptwilight  is up on FFN & TWCS. Read, pant, review!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Squeezing Contest-One Day Left

Authors, you have ONE MORE DAY to submit your stories! Our inbox is so lonely! Please email us if you have any questions or concerns :)

Squeeze My Lemon ~ March 14 Teaser

This week we have an eager returning squeezer, BellaClary. Do enjoy this teaser *clenches*:
Walking into the kitchen I opened the fridge and stare into it. My mind is racing with thoughts of Bella. I need to focus. Being around her makes me crazy. That thin tank top and those tight skinny jeans are killing me. I want to rip them off her, see the milky skin beneath them, feel our bodies pressed together. I wanted to kiss her, taste her, slide myself into her.  I want to take her. Consume her.
I'm trying to be a gentleman. I want her to know that I want her for more than her body.  I don't want her to think that last weekend is normal for me, that I do that a lot. I don't. I have a few times, I'll admit, but I never found someone like her. Someone who is shy and demanding, quiet and loud, tiny and bold. Everything about her draws me in. 

Which is why I need to be a gentlemen. I've barely touched her tonight, except for her hand, arm and shoulder. Never hovering for too long, its becoming increasingly difficult. I’ve been polite but it’s not forced, I’m genuinely interested in her and everything she has to say. I haven’t taken my eyes off her deep brown ones, I am fully intrigued. I can’t stop asking her questions, finding more out about her. She’s addicting.
Focusing back on the fridge I grab the cherry pie that I had made earlier along with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It's one of my favorite desserts.  I place them down on the counter and turn around to find her only inches away from me. Her eyes were focused on my lips as I smile at her.  
“What are you doing? I would have brought dessert to you.” I say to her, my eyes now focused on her small pink lips.  
“I couldn’t wait any longer.” She mumbles and without warning her lips are pressed to mine, making me wonder if she had been talking about the dessert or me.

Her arms snake around my neck, pulling my face closer to hers. Our lips move together, rubbing against each other. Hers are warm and soft as they caress mine. I let her take the lead on this one, seeing how far she’ll go. I try to keep my hands at my sides, not trusting myself.  I don't want to take her kissing the wrong way and think that she wanted to fuck me again, but god did I want to fuck her again. I loved how she felt wrapped around my dick. 

“Edward,” she groans into my mouth as I feel her push her hips into me. She wants more, I want more.

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Squeeze My Lemon ~ March 7 Teaser

This week, our new squeezer is Bagpuss. Enjoy her teaser: 

The next evening you tie up your hair and pull on your uniform wondering if he’ll be there.  Your uniform fits snugly around the contours of your body; you know the heels of your shoes accentuate the sway of your hips, the fabric of your dress rustles as it swings around your body.  You spread a little gloss across your lips and peer at your reflection in the mirror.
He’s already at what you have come to think of as ‘his table’ as you start your shift; he’s been here often lately but this is the fourth night in a row, your heart rate increase as he catches your eye.  You wonder if he’ll speak to youagain, maybe you’ll even get past the preliminaries tonight?

“What can I get you?”  Your voice sounds breathy to your own ears.

“I want an orgasm” he murmurs, “but I’ll settle for a Bud.”

You’re about to tell him you’ve heard this before once or a hundred times but his eyes are coal, burning and consuming.  You lose your train of thought standing there, your mouth open slightly, your breathing rapid; your teeth graze your lip as you begin to tremble.

“Miss?” questions a patron from behind.  The spell broken, you nod at the customer and step away from the stranger.  You leave on unsteady legs, your heart and stomach seem jostling for space.
You take your break in the kitchen and watch as he rolls a bottle between his hands.  Maybe tonight you will have courage?  The evening is busy; beer for one, wine for another, wipe down the tables, balance your tray, service with a smile, straining to hear the orders over the increasing volume of the music.  The stranger watches you, his gaze burns at your back.  Mindful of his attention you sway a little more; touch a shoulder here, laugh at a joke there.
You return to his table to collect his now empty bottle.